Here are five reasons why Santos’ turn in the season will be explained  Saints

Here are five reasons why Santos’ turn in the season will be explained Saints

Santos has made a change in the last two months under manager Fabian Bustos. For the second year in a row at the Paulista Championships, Paxie prepared to join the first team at the Brazilian Championships, against a team fighting for relegation. In addition, they are still alive in the Copa du Brazil and the Copa Sudamericana.

The ge Counting the five factors that helped Santos grow and stop the season, currently, another difficult year for the club and fans.

The improvement in Santos’ field is directly related to Fabián Bustos. The coach arrived with a mission to restore Peixe’s football following the departure of Fábio Carille in late February.

Initially, the players drew attention to the speed of Argentina’s training. Intensity was the most prominent point. In some respects, the captain’s work was compared to that of Jorge Sampaoli, the last foreign coach to succeed Peixe.

A new approach that led the Santos squad to, gradually, understand Fabián Bustos’ game proposal. Today, with preconceived notions, the team begins to perform on the field the same performance that the coach requested from the beginning of the work.

Fabián Bustos talking to Santos players – Photo: Bruno Vaz / Santos FC

Between the end of the Plasta Championship and the start of the Copa Sudamericana, Fabian Bostos had only 17 days to train. This was an important time for the coach to put game ideas into practice.

These activities were also used to relax players who were overweight and to leave the entire team ready for match-fixing. In May, for example, Peixe faces nine matches in three different matches.

Isabelle says “what a wonderful day to have Santos.”

With half a month already to go, the team has had very few injuries. Until recently, only McCain and Angelo needed to be in the medical department. The defender can now return to the match for the Brazilian Championship against Goiás this Sunday.

Angelo during Santos training – Photo: Ivan Storty / Santos FC

The improvement of Santos also comes with the arrival of reinforcements. During this period, five players were hired: defenders Macon, midfielders Willian Maranhao and Rodrigo Fernandez, and forwards Juan Julio and Brian Angulo.

The new names raise the standard of the Santos squad. Maicon became a leader on and off the field, became a reference and helped the evolution of other teammates in the defense sector, such as Eduardo Bowerman, who restored good football from the start of the season.

Similarly, Rodrigo Fernandez quickly became an undisputed starter. Uruguay solved a problem with Allison’s departure that had been going on since last year: the position of first midfielder. Already known to fans as Pitbull, he shows that he has the quality to help create dramas beyond courage.

In addition, it took Julian Julio a long time to prepare in Santos. After a competitive performance, the Ecuadorian player begins to adapt to Brazilian football and has been improving in recent matches. Bryan Angulo and Willian Maranhão became good options for Fabián Bustos to change the team when needed.

McCann during Santos training – Photo: Evan Storty / Santos FC

If Fabián Bustos still finds it difficult for Santos to win away from home, the story is different when he plays in Vila Belmiro. Casa do Peixe is once again a trap door, where it becomes difficult to beat the team.

Has played six matches at home and is 100% successful. The crowd, despite the limits of the stadium, is showing and leading the team. Against Coritiba, more than 13,000 spectators watched the Copa du Brazil rankings.

At Vela Belmero, the team scored 18 goals and conceded only six. The Casa do Peixe can be one of the assets for the team to dream of high flying in season.

Santa vs Coretiba filled with Villa Belmero – Photo: Revealed / Santos FC

Since arriving at the club, Fabian Bustos said his mission was to restore the football of some players who had been criticized by fans for their poor performance.

Always trying not to expose the situation, the coach worked so that players like Sandy, Kamcho, Philip Jonathan and Gabriel Pirani, for example, could benefit from the best they had.

Even when he left some players in the “refrigerator”, as in the case of striker Rowan Seiko, he managed to make sure that it did not discourage the player. And the process paid off. After seven unrelated games, Rowan returned to the team and scored two goals in the last three matches.

Filled, the Santos returned to the field this Sunday for the sixth round of the Brasileirao, in Goiânia, to face the Goiás at 19h (GMT).

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