“I don’t remember a worse night.”

Fabian Bustos, from Santos

Photo: Flavio Hop / Gazeta Press

Santos lost 4-0 to Corinthians on Wednesday night at the Neo Química Arena for the first leg of the Copa du Brazil Round of 16. After the classic, coach Fábian Bustos rated Root a disgrace.

“It’s a shame, of course. I don’t remember the performance of any team I directed like that. It’s a real shame. I don’t know how I would view the people of Santos. We competed. Not doing what we should have done. It’s a shame how we behave on the field. Time is not what we did well, but at least we tried to run a little bit more. After the first goal. The first half was embarrassing. “

“I don’t remember a night worse than today (in my career). It’s a shame. As a player I didn’t feel what I felt today, a shame. Now let’s focus.” Will, train and think about what we will do. Most of the games were in. The best teams are equal. That’s what we’ve been up to. Today has been a devastating day. I understand. “

The commander also explained why he did not change the team during the break. The fish had already lost 3-0 and moved to Rome.

“I had to knock them all out. Everyone was playing badly. With the exception of Joao Paulo and Marcos Leonardo, I had to knock them all out. The best of the nine was Lucas Braga. The first goal was scored at Baptistão. Second goal. This is a big mistake of a player whose name I will not name. In the third he scored from the head, in the fourth he went to the side easily, not Braga’s. I would be ashamed to come here. That was awful, “he said.

Bustos complained about the re-referencing. According to Argentina, Leo Baptisto suffered a foul early in the first goal of the Corinthians.

“I don’t want to justify anything, but Baptistão was a foul. With Ceará, a legitimate goal. Even with Inter. They could have won, they were better and it was a shame we did. “But it was a foul and we have the VAR that the Santos player goes backwards,” he said.

As a result, Peixe must win the return game by five or more goals to advance to the quarterfinals. Winning by four goals decides the penalty. The clash is scheduled for July 13 at Villa Belmero.

“It’s very difficult (reversal). First we have to think about Brasileirão, the trip to Venezuela, Flamengo, Deportivo Táchira, Atlético-GO and then the Corinthians. It’s very difficult. The situation is very complicated. But now I just do it. I can. Think about Saturday, “said the technician.

Now, Santos is focusing on the Brazilian Championship. This week, the team will face Corinthians again, this time in the 14th round of the tournament. The ball spins on the lawn of Neo Química from 7 pm (Brasilia time).

“We have to change attitudes, deliveries and do what we were doing. We did what we did against Palmyra, Inter, Atletico-MG. This is our team, not today’s, which is a shame.” Was, “he concluded.

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