I was picked up by a mature white man of medium height – 09/22/2022 – Tati Bernardi

Last Tuesday (20) a very fantastic occasion occurred in my life. I was obtained by a center-aged white man. He crossed the corridor of the bar with shocking steps, tapped me on the shoulder and pulled me out of the nice and cozy and pleasant atmosphere I was in – surrounded by the very best that Sao Paulo nightlife needed to supply in phrases of libidinous poets and naughty lesbians. How good-looking I was that evening — and in order that nobody would witness such disgrace, she revealed to me softly: “I such as you!”

I replied, “Of course I such as you too.” Covering her face in order that even her lips couldn’t be learn, she mentioned, “You do not perceive what I like… [pausa dramática] You write.” “Yeah, I beloved your final guide too.” “No, Tati, I’m severe, you recognize? [cara de nojo], you discuss your self, you write for TV, you do a podcast, you want cash, you quarrel with folks on social media like “peloamore”, it is a totally different world to me, you recognize? That’s why folks speak badly. I wished to say that I will shield you as a result of I learn you and I such as you.”

Concha! So the whole lot was resolved. Then I noticed the arrival of the Susa ship, the Dengue dancing, Prague blowing cleaning soap bubbles. The naked-wire me of right now mixed with the naked-wire of my childhood and I’m exploding within the sky as a result of a MAN LIKES ME.

At that point, I regretted consuming solely salad for dinner. If I had eaten sufficient for a medal, I would by no means have missed this chance. A center-aged mature white man who walked down the aisle of a bar to SAVE this distressed determine known as “Woman author who defiled her aura by speaking about herself, writing for TV, doing podcasts and having fun with cash” deserved what a threatened lady may do. A coat of arms emblazoned with the moniker KING OF ALL is carved from the half of his large lip that hangs down.

He, all the time a prime ten, actual author who lives on a piece of one thing, lastly noticed me, and now my anus will get a Playcenter neon signal. Four pegs on the ground, please, lady, so I can slap a phosphorescent stamp that entitles you to experience the ghost prepare of acceptance. Real writers. Crediário zombies are all the time stumbling round corners in small rooms that must be easy, computer systems that want oiling, to honor a good progressive sheath with love.

But life is so sophisticated that I listened to the litany of the good savior, and I thought with laughter about his monologue within the feminist viewers and wished to shoot it: “Done. Come in. I such as you. Signed. : males”. It was a chronicle. Ready. I closed the tip. But life, as I mentioned earlier than, is sophisticated. I actually beloved that man and his drunken phrases that evening, as a result of he damage me, as a result of of his conceitedness, as a result of he additionally loves cash (however perhaps it is platonic love), as a result of good folks know the best way to wake up higher than good-looking gents. There is nothing extra hysterical than “I know what they are saying about you” and “let’s belief the man”, good safety and kindness. I left social media and went again to my guide that evening.

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