“I’m not ready to talk about basketball.”

In one of the most controversial series Playoff In 2022, the Miami Heat lost the Eastern Conference title to the Boston Celtics after seven games. Even after the demise, Jimmy Butler was one of the key players of the post-season and, as a result, he is still living a “hangover” life with a decisive defeat.

In a recent interview with the website Front Office SportsButler admits he’s not ready to talk about basketball yet and prefers to comment on non-NBA topics, such as his coffee brand and his newfound passion, which is ice cream. Is.

“Dude, honestly, I’m not ready to talk about basketball yet. I’m still passionate about it. So I don’t really get into it. I can’t. You’re opening the door to emotions.” Right now, I just want to talk about coffee and ice cream. “

Butler’s reaction at the moment is natural. However, NBA players often like to enjoy the first part of the game. Off season Relax and take care of injuries sustained throughout the season. As such, the break also includes a break from basketball ideas and an analysis of the issues raised in the final campaign.

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Also, it is worth mentioning the level of competition already proved by him. So for an athlete like Jimmy Butler, getting rid of this “hangover” after a painful breakup can be a long, or at least, more complicated process.

Evidence of Butler’s effort and determination can be seen in East’s final series against the Celtics. That’s because Shirt 22 averages 25.6 points, seven rebounds, 3.4 assists and two steels per game. Thus, he was one of the main reasons why he managed to extend the hat-trick to seven games.

Butler, meanwhile, takes advantage of the downtime to further develop his coffee brand. Recently, the star partnered with a New York ice cream brand to create a coffee flavor.

“Ben Van Levin [dono da marca de sorvete] He came to her and said, ‘Hey, what if we made ice cream that tasted good?’ So I thought, ‘Wow, that’s a great idea.’ We did something really special and I can’t wait to bring it into the world, “Butler said.

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