In Hamburgueria with NFT and payment cryptocurrency.

In Hamburgueria with NFT and payment cryptocurrency.

When it comes to NFT, one of the most popular and million dollar digital art collections is the Board Epitaph Club (BAYC), with examples of bored monkeys. Celebrities such as Neymar and Justin Bieber have already spent more than 1 1 million on drawing.

The impact on technology enthusiasts is such that California businessman Andy Nguyen decided to surf the tide – investing an additional R $ 1.5 million. Just a month ago, she opened a themed hamburger shop with BAYC-inspired photos and snacks.

According to him, the opening ceremony of the Board & Hungary (Bored and Hungry, in direct translation) was attended by over 1500 people. According to.

Payment of chips with cryptocurrency

2 - With NFT Art Theme, Hamburgueria receives payments in cryptocurrency and displays images from the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection - Reproduction / @ JustBorednHungry - Reproduction / @ JustBorednHungry
Photo: Playback / @ JustBorednHungry

What makes traditional hamburgers different from “technological” is that the restaurant accepts payments in cryptocurrencies.

Users can make payments either through Apecoin, the currency created by the board app owners, or using Ethereum. Credit cards are also accepted, but not cash.

In order to commercially benefit from the Board Epiat Club’s designs, Nguyen demonstrated a good fortune:

  • Approximately US 26 267,000 (R $ 1.37 million current quotation) for 6,184 monkey rights.
  • Further drawings from the Mutant Apes collection from BAYC range between US $ 65,000 and US $ 75,000 (R $ 333,000 and R $ 384,000, respectively).

How is the restaurant

3 - With NFT Art Theme, Hamburgueria receives payments in cryptocurrency and displays images from the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection - Reproduction / @ JustBorednHungry - Reproduction / @ JustBorednHungry

The combo comes with hamburgers, fries and drinks.

Photo: Playback / @ JustBorednHungry

Tired (and altered) monkeys are everywhere in the store: on the window, on the walls, on the floor and on the food packaging. All of this makes NFT artworks, which were created digitally, more solid.

Initially, Nguyen thought the restaurant would be temporary and would close after 90 days.

However, it has already received offers to open more locations and is considering converting Bor and Hungary into franchises, the report said.

Is the food good

Despite the dazzling dcor and thrilling packaging, the restaurant menu is fairly simple: there are two types of snacks, which can be combined into a combo with fries and soda.

For the reporter Brittany Chang For those who have visited the place, the use of BAYC design is a great attraction for restaurants and hamburgers do not disappoint. “My standards are high, but I was surprised by my order. In the past, I shouldn’t have done it, as the snacks have already been tried and the public has accepted it.”

The snacks offered are made in partnership with other brands: trail burgers, for beef burgers, and bailiff burgers, for vegan sandwiches.

The owner of Board & Hungary was also concerned about offering quality products. “I come from the restaurant industry, so I had to make sure we had a good burger,” said Nguyen.

how much?

The cheapest hamburgers in the combo version cost US $ 13.00 and US $ 15.00. Vegan snacks are a bit more expensive, starting at just US $ 15.50 for a hamburger or US $ 17.50 for a combo.

For comparison, you can buy a Big Mac in California for US $ 5.11 and combo for US $ 7.67, with fries and soda.

“Prices are higher than fast food chains like McDonald’s, but you’re paying for the ‘honor’ of eating from a great burger, decent fries, and board app package,” says Chang.

What is the future of NFT restaurants?

After the experience, the reporter does not believe that NFTs will become very popular in the world of restaurants. However, this is a strategy to consider how to bring virtual drawing to the real world.

“A lot of people like to say that. [NFTs] There are only JPEGs. [extensão de arquivo de imagem]. Well, I took this JPEG that I have and I’m building my brand and business on it. It’s been more than just a picture on my profile, “Nguyen concluded.

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