In the Copa du Brazil, Corinthians beat Santos and Forwards.

It was a tit! Sabrina Boeing Boeing giant! Honey on the pacifier! Corinthians 4 x 0 cents, outside the dance. Campeonato Brasileiro, with Libertadores with an overloaded calendar, in the case of Timo, and for Sul-Americana, Paxi, in Villa Belmero, the return of the Copa du Brazil may also be canceled.

With all due respect to the Bustos team (a Chilequanto coach who got everything wrong and a lot of things), Coringão is already the first quarterfinalist in the national knockout stage. At times, Fish Manger’s indifference led Nelsinho Baptista’s team to a 7-1 defeat at Corinthians de Tevez and Nelmar in Brasileirão-2005 17 years ago.

Winning the first classic of the season took six games for the waiter Pereira and seven for the Corinthians, but the victory was spectacular, with a black and white ball on top of a delivery and embarrassing Santos.

With Lucas Braga, on the right, and Lucas Pierce, on the left, Santos had a sieve on either side. And there was William’s party. He fell to the left, hitting Patton, Mantouan’s goal. Fall to the right, hit Fagner, Giuliuano’s pinball goal. And, when Cantello allowed Willian to take a corner, Ra راl Gustavo made it 3-0 and closed the first half of Elevenigro’s dreams from the capital and a nightmare for Elevenigro from the beach. And it could be even more so: Roger Godse missed a clear opportunity when the score had not yet been transferred.

Willian was not the only one who played too many balls. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. After 12 games (11 absent and in the last he entered only in the last minutes), 23 shirts returned and gave the team life, experience and technical quality.

At the start of the second half, Joao Victor felt the pain and gave way to Renan and Du Querez was saved for Rooney’s entry. Santos fans, already discouraged, were shocked when they saw Camacho replace Rodrigo Fernandez. Fell knows that it is better to have Kamacho as his opponent. Juan Julio and Sandry, who did not see the color of the ball, gave way to Philip Jonathan and Angelo.

There, the VAR appeared twice and, almost unprecedentedly, hit both: Róger canceled the “penalty” in Guedes and ordered the expulsion of fishmonger Zanocelo to attack Piton.

VP, Brazilian and Libertadores sought to exchange Willian and Cantillo for Adson and Xavier, keeping an eye on the marathon and getting ready for the Copa do Brasil. But with Giuliano, there was still time for 4-0.

And not to mention that Cássio did not participate in the game, Marcos Leonardo, in the only chance of Santos, lost the duel to the Corinthians giant.

The Copa du Brazil return to Villa Belmero on July 13 and the Corinthians have reached the quarter-finals. Earlier, on Saturday, again at the Neo Química Arena, a duel for the never-ending Brazilian Pontozzz Corridozzz Championship between Corinthians and Santos.

A full overview of the classic, from Muscatier’s point of view, with notes from players and coach Waiter Pereira, you can see it here. Live from Corinthians I UOL Sport With me and Ricardo Perron. For fishermen, there is also a live from Santos with friends Gabriela Brino and Maurício Barros on the UOL Esporte Channel.

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