Jefferson Campos, former NBB athlete, emerges as gay: ‘My example is for love’ – 06/23/2022

September 2020.

It was at a bar in Brasilia that Jeff gave the answer he himself had given to Katrina (not his real name), the mother of his son Thomas (pseudonym) and some friends more than ten years ago.

“Yes, I am gay.”

June 2022

It was on Instagram, on Valentine’s Day, that Jeff dispelled all the doubts that people still had. The picture-kissing junior said more than anything: This was the first public record of a former NBB athlete, the Premier National Basketball Championship, who spoke openly about his sexuality.

Junior, in this case, Jr. is Chico, a comedian. It has a YouTube channel with 360,000 subscribers. There are 223,000 followers on Instagram. Jeff Jefferson Campos, a 3×3 basketball coach and former basketball player, has played for teams like Polistano in the NBB with 13 seasons, averaging 7.5 points, 1.8 rebounds, 2 assists and 7.6 performances. , Brasilia, Minas and Rev. Claro.

Strict revelation, which broke the friendship that connected him to Katrina, and the way between the love that appeared on social networks was learning and knowledge. Hard and light too.

Atlético, fast, Jefferson Campos had a long career for the NBB.

Photo: Playback / Twitter

“I kept telling the people I lived with. In Ponta Grossa, I shared a room with a teammate, I called him for a chat and he said he was not going to hide anything, that I Homosexual. He understood, “he said. .

That was not always the case. The rain of hormones in puberty was the beginning of Jefferson’s self-knowledge. “At school, girls would pass by us, and my classmates would go crazy. I didn’t feel anything and I started to think I was different. Then, after watching movies on television, I realized That I like people of the same sex. “

At age 17, in 2008, in Palestine, Jefferson mimicked the behavior of other peers. “I made offensive remarks to some of the girls, then I stopped and stopped going out with my friends.”

Fearing losing his job, Jefferson saw the doors close and passed them by. He never talked about his sexual orientation. “The sports world is very gay, and I never wanted to be bullied. I always wanted to keep my job. I’ve always been good at hiding my mask.”

Never talked to teammates and coaches. A revelation that might, in the country in which we live, sound like a confession.

Jefferson Campus, Former NBB - João Pires / Disclosure - João Pires / Disclosure

Jefferson Campus, former NBB point guard, in the days of Mogi Player (2013)

Photo: Joao Pierce / Disclosure

The love that gives the flag.

Wasn’t there, but had to be there. Jefferson got tired of hiding, and the post of kissing her boyfriend was not the result of giving up her career.

“None of that, I had already decided, but I had a hip injury and I had to quit playing, so this position came up after my retirement as a player. It was not opportunism.”

But it was difficult to take the risk of appearing completely, yes. “Because of my color, if I’m in a dark alley, they think I’m a thief. Imagine for a second I was shaking hands and kissing in public. But I was very happy and confident. And I posted a picture of myself kissing Junior. I wanted to express my love for him. “

The response was good. Lots of support. “I don’t need to name my love any more, I am a confident person and I am having a light moment in life.”

The three of them were together in a gay parade. Working as a basketball coach – he has 12 students – was not affected.

All that remains is to “talk” with Thomas’ son. Or not.

“I don’t need to tell her that her father is gay. Her mother is a good leader and there are LGBT people in the family. We are Ambanda practitioners and our religion is not against it.” He knows and gets along well. With Junior. Dad loves another man. “

Jefferson hopes his story will help other people hide their feelings, their truth, their lives.

However, he does not want to turn his moment into an activist label. “I need to read more, to make myself more aware before taking to the streets in protest. My example is for love, without raising the flag.”

Not required. The flag of love has already been raised.

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