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Posted this Tuesday (21) at 5 pm

Following the announcement of Carla Miline, former manager of XI Regional Health Management, and confirmation of his resignation from the state post attached to Deputy Sebastiao Oliveira, it is now the job of former director of the regional hospital, Prof. Agamemnon Magelhas (Haspam), Joao Antonio. He announced his resignation from the management of the most important government hospital in Sierra Telda through social networks.

João Antônio Magalhães, 30, is a nurse and has been in charge of hospital management for six years. In a text published with photos with the team, which shows Joao’s farewell, with many hugs and affection from employees, he explained that he had formally announced his departure. As told to the Pranamboko Health Department (SES). On this occasion, the health professional took the opportunity to make a list of some of the initiatives that changed the face of hospice during its administration. Read the full text:

It’s crossing time!

This morning, I formally informed the Pranambuko Health Department that I would be resigning as Director of Hospam at this time. It’s not part of my profile that I auction off characters or wield power. I make this gesture very calmly, with great success and a feeling of happiness.

I want to thank God and my family for staying with me during these 6 years, 6 months and 20 days. Thanks to Governor Paolo Kumara, Health Secretary Dr. Andre Longo and the entire SES team and Federal Deputy Sebastião Oliveira and his entire group, assigned me a mission in 2016 to lead a young man, just 24 years old, towards Hospam.

Today we provide a fully stocked hospital unit, some of these inputs (drugs and materials) already with guaranteed stock for over 1 year, due to a supplier and not with cash! Our work and actions speak for themselves and do not need to be referenced, just walk around the hospital and see everything I have done and the team I have worked with at the moment!

Today we have about 1000 employees and for all of you, I thank you very much, from the management / coordinating staff to the entire maintenance team. All day today, I met with my technical team and went from sector to sector, thanking them for being with me on this mission. A quote from Guimarães Rosa describes the moment very well, and she says that “he who chooses to search cannot refuse to cross”!

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