John Textor increased his influence with Lyon, and Botafogo became a strategic and trading partner in Europe.

O Botafogo There is a new ‘partner brother’. John Texter continues his struggle to create a “worldwide network” of clubs. Leon was introduced as the majority shareholder. This Tuesday. It is the fifth club to be acquired by North America, the fourth to have a competitive professional level.

+ Contribution to Botafogo? See players without a place in John Textor’s new club Lyon

“Eagle Holding” now includes Botafogo from the Premier League, Lyon, Crystal Palace, RWD Mullenbeck from Belgium’s second division, and FC Florida Preschool, a club focused on universities in the United States and participating in professional championships. Not taking

Almost automatically, Botafogo finds a new strategic partner in Europe. During a presentation in Lyon, John Textor said that there was no standard in terms of trade agreements between the shareholding clubs, but that he expected the relationship to develop naturally.

This, in any case, is a new way for Botafogo to gain even more space in Europe in search of (even more) brand internationalization. Elevenigro, for example, Leon already has a direct relationship with official social media profiles..

+ Textor sees a ‘natural connection’ with Leon and Projects: ‘I hope Botafogo is Brazil’s best trainer’

– We work together to create a family between our clubs. Our fans understand that. It was a really nice thing when we bought Botafogo. This is very different from my investment in Crystal Palace, but Rio de Janeiro fans began to connect with Londoners, exchanging cultures, shirts, they do not compete with others. Social networks are great for that. Now I see people wearing Crystal Palace shirts at Nelton Santos Stadium and I see Botafogo shirts in London pubs. And they call each other brother. And they’ve been doing it with Leon for less than 24 hours – Texter commented.

There is no “cake recipe” for communication between Botafogo and Lyon, as is the case with other Eagle Holding clubs. Given the texture defenses in the ‘conversion’, players are likely to come and go between clubs – as well. Dylan Taylor and Sebastian Joffrey, for example, are already in Elevenigro..

Attending John Texter’s clubs

FC Florida: John Textor owns the club, which focuses on base and only clubs in the Under-23 category.

Crystal PalaceAmerican bought the club’s 18% stake for £ 87.5m in August 2021, but has recently increased its stake to 40%. He is “behind” Steve Parish in operational matters.

+ See Brazilian table

BotafogoThe merchant invested R 400 million to become a shareholder in a 90% stake in SAF do Alvinegro.

RWD Mullenbeck: Textor acquired 80% stake in the Belgian club earlier this year. Values ​​were not disclosed.

LyonTexture bought 66.65% of the shares, but that number could rise to 88.55% in the future. The short-term investment is 86 million euros (R $ 466 million, at current exchange rates). President Jean-Michel Olas will remain.

John Textor in Lyon (Photo: Oliver Chesignol / AFP)

Land on the agenda.
Portugal should be the next destination of the texture. The businessman is interested in acquiring a portion of Porto. And increase the influence of the “global network”.

Even before Botafogo’s purchase was confirmed, Benfica was a North American priority. Incarnates even issued an official statement in an official note stating that it had rejected John Texter’s offer.

+ Close to Botafogo, Xavi is versatile and can play with Erison.

Botafogo is part of an ecosystem that does not stop growing in and out of the field. While there is no trade standard – the same sponsors and suppliers in the holding teams, for example – there is a direct relationship between the clubs, primarily in the sense of exchanging players and professionals.

Textor, even though he did not occupy the highest seats in Leon and Crystal Palace, guaranteed that he would still have Botafogo as his “priority.” However, Elevenigro continues in a network focused on building young players, strengthening the brand and developing core categories.


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