John Textor says the CT attack hurts Botafogo: “The player who talked the most may not come back” | sportv team

John Textor gave his first live interview on a Brazilian TV show, Seleção Sportv, this Thursday. The businessman spoke on a number of topics, including possible reinforcements and spectator protests. The American lamented last week’s attack on Espaco Loniar by members of an organized mob, saying the incident could separate new players from the club.

– The player who could have come earlier cannot come now because of that day (attack). You deserve to be “ashamed”, but does that make your team win? Does that make your team play better in the second half? At the stadium, I ask the fans to support our players and think about how they can help them. Stop crying, that’s what I’m asking – Textor told Selection.

John Texter on James Rodriguez: “Hopefully I can persuade you to join us.”

Asked if the player he was referring to was Xavi, Texter declined to be named, but assured that the public knew the player.

– I’m hesitant to talk about this person, but people know who I’m talking about. Great player, experienced. Usually brings experienced wife, children, family. It is already common knowledge that he likes our project, not only in Botafogo, but also in Brazil. He is interested, but it has been publicly revealed that there were security issues with his family, it happens in many clubs. I don’t want to affect Zahawi, because it’s affecting every conversation I have in Europe. The attack was broadcast more widely than here. This is a reflection of what is happening in Brazil.

The businessman also confirmed that he had come to voice Cavani, but assured that Uruguay was currently off the radar. In addition, Textor said he has spoken with James Rodriguez of Colombia and hopes to persuade him to join Alonero.

– Cavani’s story was true, James … He told me he was looking for a new challenge. We talked, I hope I can convince you. But it’s not just a famous name, it has to play ball.

Textor fired Cavani and talked about James Rodriguez in Botafogo:

Textor dismisses Cavani and talks about James Rodriguez in Botafogo: “We’re talking.”

Textor recalled the incident in which he became emotional during an interview with reporter Gabriela Moreira during the broadcast of the victory over Fortaleza. The American highlighted that he has a sense of responsibility towards Alvinaigro that is not seen in other American-acquired clubs.

– is different. I was wrong that day, I didn’t know I was being filmed. A lot has come to light. The game was over about 20 minutes ago, they asked me to hold the flag. I’m watching the fans … the year was bad. I feel a responsibility to this club that I don’t feel at Crystal Palace. Botafogo is my responsibility. – said.

John Textor at Botafogo Training – Photo: Viter Silva / BFR

Watch the full interview:

Watch John Textor's interview with Seleção Sportv

Watch John Textor’s interview with Seleção Sportv

See John Texter’s other answers:

– I had a great meeting with the head of the referee. The problem we were worried about was over when we started the meeting. This was a special situation in a recent game … proper accountability and discipline, this case had been decided. I think it has turned into a good professional practice for this person. It’s time to dump her and move on. We’re happy with the CBF’s decision before we get there. The meeting was about how to take the next step. We think that if we are making a new law in a new moment, if we can take the lessons learned and take it to the whole world, for example the implementation of VAR, I think it should be the same. Is what the referee has. Pay as full-time professionals.

– Players have to train between games, even referees. Some of the situations that happen for the first time during a match are part of football. So to see how the referees are interpreting and implementing this training should be between games. This does not happen in Brazil because the referees have another job and they have to prepare for the big game. They should be kept full time, well paid, watch videos to improve. We had a good conversation, and that’s good in Brazil. We can clear the table and start from scratch. I am a new boy, learning a lot about Brazil.

– Brazilian fans will be very satisfied, because there are great leaders and talented people in football. So they can look at the opportunity to start from the beginning, look to the future to learn what happens abroad, to improve the game, not just for Brazil but for the world.

Is it possible to avoid confusion?

– There is practically no way to avoid this, when they want to ignore security to suppress the emotions of the crowd. Crystal Palace’s game against Everton, when they won, a match that ensured their continuity in the Premier League, there was a lot of security. This is the power of the sheep, there is nothing to do against it. Yes, we can work on security, we have already done and will do more. But I was heartbroken. I saw what was happening in front of me, as I saw, I lost the players I was trying to recruit. Some of the people caught on camera are the same people who text me on Twitter and say: “Promise to bring such a player?” Maybe the players didn’t come back because of that day.

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