Jrue Holiday helped his wife win, took action against racism and wants a final victory.

Jrue Holiday helped his wife win, took action against racism and wants a final victory.

The Point Guard has been an important part of the court and has acted as an All-Star away from it.

During her new season at UCLA in 2008, Jrue Holiday went to see a women’s basketball game. As he was approaching his seat in the stands, a young fan approached, asked if he was Darren Collison, and asked for an autograph.

That woman was Lauren Cheney, now we call her Lauren Holiday. Jrue’s wife, a two-time Olympic champion and world champion with the US football team, a former UCLA player and since 2013.

The two did not start dating after their comedy first date. But friendship became the centerpiece of one of the most inspiring stories of marriage, family and the world. NBA.

“She was beautiful. That was the first thing I saw. We were with other people at the time, but we started dating after I drafted.” Milwaukee Box That the conference against this Friday tries to close the semi-final series. Boston CelticsIn Game 6, Broadcast via ESPN on Star + at 8:30 pm (Brasilia).

Eight years later From their first date, Lauren gave birth to the couple’s daughter. But the birth of Jrue Tyler Holiday was marred by fears.

The midfielder has decided to retire after becoming the world champion with the US national football team. Then the diagnosis of a benign brain tumor came as a shock to Lauren and Jero when they were pregnant. Husband’s decision, one of the stars of time New Orleans PelicansWas immediate: leaving the team with his wife.

The youngest was born on September 20, 2016. On October 22, Lauren removed the tumor from the right side of her brain.

“When the time is right, Jrue will be back on the team,” said Dale Dempsey, then general manager of the Pelicans. “We believe that the most important thing for her is to stay with her family and be the best husband she can be at the moment. Our hearts and thoughts are with her.

“You pray,” Holiday commented in November, when he returned to Pelican three months after focusing on helping Lauren. “I am lucky. My family is happy to be back. They are doing well. I am blessed with the support I have received from the team. I cannot begin to say that they How much help. Lots of prayers, lots of support. Incredible. “

About four years After overcoming one of life’s biggest challenges, the couple found a way to work and give back. In July 2020, in the midst of an epidemic and just before the NBA’s return to the Disney bubble, he decided to use all of Jrue’s salary for the season to launch a social justice fund to fight racism. Will be done

Similarly, the Jrue and Lauren Social Justice Impact Fund came into being, which distributed about ً 5.3 million paid to the player in the last part of the 20-2019 season.

“Honestly, my wife and I talked about how we can move the movement forward and help our community,” Jarrow said.

Most of the money was donated to black-led nonprofits in New Orleans, Los Angeles and Indianapolis communities, as well as other select cities across the country.

In May 2021, the couple opened a new round of fundraising applications that raised over $ 1 million, which is now helping the couple’s new home business in Milwaukee.

In June 2021The prize has officially arrived for Jrue.

The Bucks Point Guard, which will help the team reach the NBA title, received the NBA Sports Manhood Award for the 2020-21 season for representing on-court basketball ideals.

“It means a lot. Knowing that it comes from the athletes, the people who go through it with me, who sacrifice their bodies, who train on vacation … that means is very.”

Now, he wants his second title. One way to crown those victories he has achieved – on and off the court.

* Content originally published July 6, 2021.


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