Juiz de Fora Emperors approves fundraising plan through sports incentive law.

Last week, Juiz de Fora Emperors managed to get approval for a project that could raise up to R $ 236,000 through the Minas Gerais Sports Incentive Law. Through this method, it is possible for the state government to secure a portion of its collection with the Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services, known as the “current ICMS”, so that taxpayer companies I can support sports projects.

According to Daniel Magalhães, vice president of Juiz de Fora Imperadores, the project approval process required a lot of hard work from all the club’s professionals.

“This is a great victory for the Juiz de Fora emperors. Since 2020, we have been trying to get this fundraising passed through the Sports Incentives Act. I had to run away. It took two years of struggle, “says the leader.

According to the club’s vice president, the resources will be used to invest in areas other than technical committee, board professionalization and logistics costs that could promote Juiz de Fora Imperadores.

“Funds will be used to purchase transport, team uniforms and training equipment (balls, cones and bodybuilding equipment). In addition, we can hire interns, a coach, advertising and marketing companies. But we can’t use it to pay field rent, referee fees or player signatures. Unfortunately, athletes will still have to pay the cost (to participate in the games), but that would make it much easier. Will, especially when traveling, “he explains.

Also, according to Daniel Magelhas, resources will be needed to increase the projection of Juiz de Fora Imperadores nationally and to create social projects with the community.

“Our vision for the future is long-term. In addition to this project, we would like to approve another project involving children and youth. We know that these resources do not represent miracles, but that We need to work harder to keep the club going, “he said.

Supporter Partner Program
Another fundraising project of Juiz de Fora Emperors is the team’s support partner project. Currently, there are two ways for fans to choose: Corte Imperial is priced at R $ 19.90 per month and Família Imperial, which offers more benefits and is priced at R $ 49 per month. People who subscribe to the Empress Supporter program have access to a profile in a special and personal app with Empress Colors. 3


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