Jumper Brazil Debates – Warming Up for 2022 Draft

All eyes on the NBA, and Jumper BrazilWill focus on Draft 2022, This Thursday (23). Finally, in just 24 hours, we will know the fate of the young players who are participating in the best basketball league in the world.

First of all, it’s good to know that we’re going to have special coverage of our traditional NBA Draft. For the fifth year in a row, Draft Broadcast for Brazil on ESPN 2 (9pm). And we will do a live program on our channel, from 19:33. YouTubeThat is, we will spend the night with a whole team, informing and commenting on everything that happens in recruitment – rumors, selections and exchanges. So, I look at the small screen and stick to my ears. Alive Of Draft Of 2022 Jumper Brazil!

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While Draft 2022 is not enough, here is a kick off. Jumper Brazil In the discussions that we will have during recruitment. Therefore, to try to find out who has the highest and lowest estimated probabilities, Steals Potential, safe bets and risks, we invite:

  • Gustavo Lima and Ricardo Stabolito Jr. Editors of Jumper Brazil And experts with more than a decade of experience covering NBA drafts
  • Lucas Torres, editor Draft Central And companions Jumper Brazil In the preparation of college basketball related materials /Draft
  • Vinicius Costa, creator and responsible for the profile TankometerI Twitter

1. Who do you consider the safest choice? Draft From 2022?

Gustavo Lima: Paolo Benchiro. One of the possibilities of the elite is the one who is ready to do his part immediately. Also, I think it’s very unlikely that his offensive game doesn’t translate into the NBA.

Ricardo Stabilito Jr.: Jabari Smith I believe he has come up with two features that teams are looking for most in the NBA today: score more than one position and place the court on the offense.

Lucas Torres: Paolo Benchiro. In addition to being physically ready to participate in the NBA, he has already entered the league with a well-defined skill to become a ‘hybrid winger’ who has been successful in the league these days. So, despite being one the latestI’m sure he’ll arrive with a bang and immediately make himself a favorite for the Rocky of the Year award.

Vinicius Costa: Paolo Benchiro. In the top 4, it has the highest floor. Also, it’s hard not to see him migrating his offensive game and scoring at least 15 points per game on the rebuilding team.

2. What is the probability that you will not be selected in the lottery?

Gustavo Lima: Osman Deng Despite my experience in professional basketball, I think the French winger is still very rough, which is a big question mark for the 2022 class. Thus, the ideal scenario for this is to play for a team that is stronger, that is, outside the lottery.

Ricardo Stabilito Jr.: Ousmane Dieng is the nearest. He is still a long way off, but as promising as he is, most teams in the other half of the lottery are looking for immediate help. I like the project, but it doesn’t make sense.

Lucas Torres: Osman Deng Not because I don’t like your ability. After all, I like your point of view about the game to create with the ball in your hands, you Speed Like with a ball Playmaker Physical measurement of secondary school and of course your elite. However, the lack of consistency in shooting and the questionable engine in defense frightens me and forces me to look at it as a project. So, in one Draft As such, I would choose a safe lottery option, such as, Height Igbaji and Tie Tie Washington.

Vinicius Costa: Osman Deng To say that I will not choose at all is very strong, but I will not bet on the lottery. Dyeing scored 40% off the field, 27% off the frame and 67% off the free throw. This is because they made good progress in the last part of the NBL (Australian League). However, it is a promise that will take time to deliver, but it can get there. Therefore, I would like to see him in a team that expects immediate help and has a good development structure.

3. Which player, who will probably not be selected in the lottery, would you choose if you were in the top 14 of this recruitment?

Gustavo Lima: Malaki Branham. Pleasant surprise one of the latest ones in the last season of College, He is an excellent shooter (middle elite) and has the ability to score on three levels. Also, exhibited it Shines Advance readings of good passers and opponents. Defensively, he takes the lead in individual markings. Therefore, he is a player who plays his part on both sides of the court and can be effective with and without the ball in his hands. In short, you can’t be “wrong” in the NBA.

Ricardo Stabilito Jr.: Jillian Williams He is, first and foremost, a born basketball player. He has a very round, full game, and he is a threat on three levels with the ball. I think it can be perfect around the frame even in more agile shapes. Definitely more likely to help teams finish the lottery than Dieng.

Lucas Torres: TyTy Washington. Despite his average athleticism, I see him as a close friend. Guard From Kentucky which will surprise a lot of people when he gets a chance to have more ball in his hand at the next level. Your game Stretching Outside of the blocks, his ability to manipulate the defense with changes in speed and reach to the edge around the edge presents him as someone who Pick and roll. He also proved that he can play without the ball. Timing In your deductions towards the basket.

Vinicius Costa: Jillian Williams Possibility of small school, and therefore kept out the window. First of all, Williams is one Point Arm 1.97 m in height and 2.19 m in wingspan. I was highlighted. Pick and rollHe has close handling and control of the ball. Speed And change of direction. Furthermore, he makes good use of the net of light, whether he finds the free man in the blitz, or punishes the defender. Drop With its efficient kick. Finally, defensively, Williams focuses on coverage, and becomes a neutral defender in the NBA.

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4. What possibilities do you believe in? Steals Who is currently likely to be selected at the end of the second half or the first round?

Gustavo Lima: Malaki Branham, Jalan Williams, Nicola Joachim, Dylan Terry and Jack Laravia. About Brahnham, I talked about in the previous topic. Williams is a possibility with a few breaks and a modern attacking game. Jovic, on the other hand, has the best European prospects this year, has a good mold in pass-dribble shoot basketball and upside down On the other hand, Terry is a type of player who works in the NBA: great defender, privileged stature for position, excellent in basket-cutting, good passer and minor mistakes on the court. Lastly, LaRavia has a very high IQ basketball on both sides of the court, and she can be effective with and without the ball in her hands.

Ricardo Stabilito Jr.: Jillian Williams, Tie Tie Washington and Gabriel Proceda. I’ve talked about the former. Washington is the next big candidate. Guard From Kentucky which would be much better than the NCAA in the NBA. Finally, Proceda 3DA is a rare European player within the North American “mold”. Overall, I really like all three.

Lucas Torres: Christian Brown, Jack Laravia and David Rudy. I see the Kansas winger as someone who will succeed in the NBA. However, he is an expert on the three-point line, with enough athleticism to survive in defense. LaRavia is another possibility I like for its small athleticism, as well as its ability to be a fluid transition center and aggressive mid-court spacer. After all, Rudy has all the attributes of a successful person. He can play in 4th and 5th, using his ability to rebound in transitions and semi-transitions and take defensive positions 2, 3 and 4 with great ease in defense.

Vinicius Costa: Jillian Williams, Malaki Branham, Tarry Eisen, Dylan Terry and Jaden Hardy.

5. Are there any players who should only be selected in the second round and would you seriously consider choosing from the top 30?

Gustavo Lima: Jillian Williams Underwritten axis, off the radar, but I really like it. Williams has more mobility than average. Great Some dig offensive fouls like others and have one. Screener Elite In addition, it is the second best passing center in the class (just behind Trevion Williams).

Ricardo Stabilito Jr.: Christian Brown Athletic player who impresses on both sides of the court with solid resources. I’m sure your pitch is pretty good. This is the closest thing I’ve seen to a recent recruit Alex Caruso, and as a result, I really like it.

Lucas Torres: Gabriel Proceda. The Italian is, of course, a fabrication. Sniper Also, it has a large scale for one. Arm In the NBA. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first.

Vinicius Costa: Jack Laravia and Trevor Kells.

6. Finally, with the first choice Draft 2022, will you choose

Gustavo Lima: Chat Holmgreen. Top talent in the class.

Ricardo Stabilito Jr.: Chat Holmgreen. I don’t think there is a very wrong answer in this top 3, but with the first choice, you are going behind the biggest roof. So I think it’s Holmgreen.

Lucas Torres: Chat Holmgreen. The best so far upside down And a real one Game changer On the defensive side of the court, due to its ability to move in a dignified manner in the cells and, of course, being a supreme bodyguard. Also, the NBA seems to be turning into a league again with a top lineup. For example, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the New Orleans managed to use the Pelicans, Avon Mobley and Jackson Hayes in position 4. Blueprint Holmgreen’s victory in the league.

Vinicius Costa: My “darling” chat Holmgreen.

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