Karyokas impress Cruzeiro fans: ‘Shut up Maracan’

Photo: Staff Images / Cruise

There were 4,000 cruisers in Maracan in the first round of the Copa du Brazil Round of 16.

A video recorded by Kariuca fans went viral on Thursday night (23) during a game between the Fluminense and Cruzeiro in Rio de Janeiro’s Maracan لیے for the Copa du Brazil’s Round of 16.

In the recording, fans are recording 4,000 cruise songs in Maracan. The total number of spectators in the stadium was 46,325 out of which 43,521 entered.

“Cruzeiro’s fans are shutting down the little, Maracan. That’s it! Look, it’s funny, my brother, look! That’s it, my brother,” said the person responsible for recording the video.

The return match between Cruzeiro and Fluminense is scheduled for the 12th at 9pm in Manero, Belo Horizonte.

Fluminense x Cruzeiro: Pictures of the game in Copa du Brazil for Maracan

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