Keno scored twice, Flu beat Athletico and climbed to 4th position in Brasileirão.

Keno scored twice, Flu beat Athletico and climbed to 4th position in Brasileirão.

Fluminense relied on Germán Cano’s impressive performance tonight (14), beating Athletico Paranaense 2-1 at Raulino de Oliveira. In the sixth round of Brasileirão, Argentina scored both goals for Rio de Janeiro. Mathis Phillips scored for the visitors.

With this victory, Fernando Deniz’s team has moved from 15th to 11th place in the table with eight points. The old men finished 14th with six.

The hurricane returns to the field next Wednesday (18) at 19h (Brasilia time), when it is received by Libertad-PAR, Libertadores. Flu will visit Unión Santa Fe for the Copa Sudamericana on Thursday (19) at 7:15 p.m.

Who did it well: German canoe

Now with 15 goals, German Canoe has gone even further than being the top scorer of the Fluminense this season. Argentina took the risk in the first step of the match, when it hit the net from outside. On another occasion, he did not forgive: after Wellington’s start, he overpowered, entangled Pedro Henrique, and struck with his left hand to defeat Bento. In the final leg, he ended the performance with a spectacular goal: after a cross from the right and a deviation by Louis Henrique, the attacker hit him in the chest and volleyed at an angle, to make L again and Victory can be praised. Flower Shirt 14 has four goals in the last three games.

Who was bad: Pablo

If Keno needed two chances to score, Pablo had three brilliant ones and he lost them all. First, in an incredible bid, practically received and shipped under the bar. In the second, he attacked the area with space and hit Fabio weakly in the hands. The last one came right after Kenobio’s cross, in which the shirt was 92, alone, even spread out, but could not complete it for the goal. Raulino de Oliveira’s losing goal cost a lot.

Flu starts well, retains the advantage and eventually ends the game.

Fluminense started the match with energy in the attack, creating three good chances in less than 15 minutes. With two canoes, and then with one Louis Henrique. In the second of these, after a good start, Kano started scoring. With the lead, Fernando Deniz’s side also slowed down, but remained in the lead, trying to close the game and reassuring the Argentine striker’s footsteps after scoring a brilliant goal in the 32nd minute of the second half.

Athletico-PR takes time to prepare, and there is a lack of submissions.

Athletico-PR saw the flu attack early in the game, and had to go out seven minutes later to get a tie. When Hurricane Game finally started, the team missed good chances to draw, especially with Pablo, and could not return to the game. Felipão’s side were penalized late in the game when Kino scored again. In extra time, Matheus Felipe scored a cross and completed to reduce the score.

Game history

Seven minutes into the game, German Canoe opened the scoring for Fluminense. In the 32nd minute of the final stage, Argentina scored a brilliant goal and extended the result. At the age of 45, Matheus Felipe became an Athletico Paranaense.

à la De Jong, kill Luiz Henrique Nino and Pablo.

One minute after the goal, who started the goal, an unusual move caught the attention of Raulino de Oliveira. In one of the tackles, Louis Henrique raised his foot and hit his fellow Nano in the chest with the heels of his boot. After that, Mess was still left for Pablo. Both were treated and fortunately for Fernando Deniz and Felipeau, they were not injured. The move is reminiscent of a foul committed by Nigel de Jong of the Netherlands in the 2010 World Cup final against the fierce and famous Spaniard Zabi Alonso.

Data sheet


Competition: Brazilian Championship, 6th round

Stadium: Raulino de Oliveira, in Volta Redonda (RJ)

Date and time: May 14, 2022 (Saturday), 21:00 pm (Brazil time)

Referee: Ramon Able (SC)

Assistants: Eder Alexander (SC) and Kleber Lucio Gil (SC)

VAR: Vinicius Furlan (SP)

Yellow cards: Arias (FLU) and Willian (FLU) Pablo Siles (ATH), Cuello (ATH)

Objectives: Canoe (FLU), at 7 minutes of the first half, and at 32 minutes of the second half; Matthias Philippe (ATH), 45 in the second half

Flumens: Fabio Yago Felipe, Nino, David Braz (Luccas Claro) and Pineida; Wellington, Andre (Nonato), Martinelli (Arias) and Nathan (Valin); Luiz Henrique (Caio Paulista) and German Canoe. Technician: Fernando Deniz

ATHLETICO-PR: Benedict Khellven, Matheus Felipe, Pedro Henrique and Abner; Hugo Mora, Eric (Marlos) and Matthias Fernandez (Pablo Siles); Canobbio (Vitor Roque), Vitinho (Cuello) and Pablo (Pedro Rocha). Technician: Philip.

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