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Ceni fired?

Negative results from homeowners add to the pressure and criticism of Rogério Ceni’s work. Nevertheless, it continues with the full support of the Coach Board.

According to journalist Andre Hernan, board members have strongly rejected the change in tricolor weather. In other words, Sini is not in danger of being fired, at least not immediately.

Milton News blasts Sao Paulo athlete: “Former athlete”

Among the names criticized was Igor Gomez, known as a weak-legged player and striker Eder, whom the commentator called a former player on his official Twitter profile.

“Rogério Ceni keeps betting on former active player Éder, weak-legged player Igor Gomes, he brings in players he doesn’t bring on the field, he changes the team weirdly at halftime and always It gets worse. It changes. What’s going on with Sini? Or are the players to blame? ”He wrote.

Patrick admits disappointment over Sao Paulo defeat at Palmeiras in Brasileirão

In a post-game interview, Patrick acknowledged disappointment with the negative result, but highlighted that the club already needed to focus on the clash against Palmyra for the Copa du Brazil Round of 16.

“We have to lick the wounds. Today, the situation that was created in the game, it was painful to take a turn in extra time, because no one was losing this defeat today. Thursday is another match, a And the rule. We have to lick the wound, we have to prepare well, especially, to play good games. Our goal is to rank.

The former Sao Paulo director was shocked and criticized Rogerio Sen’s attitude towards Palmyra.

Before Palmeiras scored twice, Rogerio Ceni opted for Miranda’s entry, an attitude disliked by a former Sao Paulo manager. On social media, Marco O’Reilly Kanha rejected the selection of a coach for the defender.

“It’s very difficult for a defender to come in with just a few minutes left. Hot game and cold defender. The standard of the opponent is deadball. The defensive position of the team on the field changes. It is very dangerous. It can work. “But it confuses those who make the mark,” Marco wrote.

Rogério Ceni was blown up by Neto after Sao Paulo lost to Palmeiras in Brasileirão Serie A.

The former player and presenter of NATO blew up coach Rogerio Sini after his defeat in the band sports program, Beta Amigos. According to him, the coach made “a lot of wrong changes” in the Mormbi team.

“Sao Paulo, I don’t know what Rogerio did then, made a lot of wrong changes, took the best players from the team; it’s impressive how he manages to be a central character in reverse, it’s an impressive thing. Yes, that’s crazy. When Palmyra turns Dudu from right to left in the second half, Palmyra gets a lot better, “said NATO.

Sao Paulo de Cesaris hired 16 players, but only one ‘worked’ at the club.

The conditions imposed by the current management of Tricolor Paulista were not met in the competition despite the high prices paid.

The controversy could hamper Sao Paulo’s modernization of the DM.

The Sao Paulo Medical Department has been criticized in recent years for structures that are not up to date with competitors. Plans to achieve the goal of improving the medical and performance segment for the club are in trouble, however.

Severe weather! Rogério Ceni talking about the situation in the dressing room of Sao Paulo after the defeat in Brasileirão

On the way out, the tricolor coaches were seemingly uneasy about the defeat, especially the way it happened.

“I am unhappy with the outcome. I want to work tomorrow and try to rebuild.” Rogerio Sini said.

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