Lewandowski has confirmed that he wants to leave Bayern Munich.

Lewandowski has confirmed that he wants to leave Bayern Munich.

One of the best players in the world should change clubs next season. Striker Robert Lewandowski is waiting until the end of the season to talk about the speculation that he is leaving Bayern Munich and he has confirmed his intention to leave the Bavarian club. It has stated that it will not renew its contract, which expires in June 2023. At 33, he wants to do something different and Barcelona are trying to get him.

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The striker is one of the most famous players in the world. I completed my third consecutive year as the top scorer in the Bundesliga. This 2021/22 season, he scored 35 goals in 34 games in the German league. There are 50 goals in 46 games for the season. At 33, Lewandowski is in excellent physical and technical condition and it is no coincidence that he won the FIFA World Player of the Year award, The Best, in 2020 and 2021.

The Bundesliga’s top scorer told Sky Sports Germany’s Microphone shortly afterwards, “I can confirm that I have spoken to Hassan (Slimmedzak, Byron’s sporting director) and informed him that the decision has been made and I will not renew my contract with Byron. ” Draw with Wolfsburg. “Both sides need to think about the future. It is better that we find the best solution for both sides.

Lewandowski has a contract until June 2023, meaning another season. However, he indicated that he would like to leave in the next transfer window. “I said (to Slyhemedzak) that if there is a proposal, we have to think about it, for the club as well. Both sides need to think about the future. That’s all I can say, “Qutb continued.

As he has a contract until 2023, the striker was asked if he would stay at the club if Bayern refused to negotiate with him. “Of course, I have one year left in my contract. But I said we have to find the best solution for both sides. We have to wait and see what happens,” Leva said.

Byron also commented on the matter. “I spoke to Leva. In the conversation he told me that he did not want to accept our offer of renewal and wanted to leave the club,” Hassan Salehmadzak confirmed. “He said he wanted to do something different. But our attitude has not changed: Liwa has a contract until June 30, 2023. That is a fact.

Lewandowski’s destination is the most talked about in Barcelona, ​​and the Catalan leader is reluctant to hide his interest in the 33-year-old pole. According to Sky Sports Germany, this will be Lewandowski’s preferred transfer. According to Salihamidzic, no talks have taken place between the two clubs so far.

With one year left on his contract, Lewandowski will only leave Byron if the club agrees. Barcelona will have to sign a contract with a German club. Since the player’s contract is one year away from expiration, the price will not be high, even for the Polish age of 33 years. However, an agreement will be needed and that negotiation, according to Salehi Hamidzak, has not yet taken place.

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