Liverpool beat Chelsea on penalties to win the FA Cup.

Liverpool beat Chelsea on penalties to win the FA Cup.

The FA Cup final between Chelsea and Liverpool was very good but the score was 0-0 in normal time. At Wembley on penalties, Liverpool won 6-5 and became champions. Allison saved Mason Mount’s sentence. Azpilicueta, for the Blues, and Mane, for the Reds, also missed their shots.

Liverpool are still battling for the Premier League and Champions League titles. Chelsea, on the other hand, are vying for a place in the next edition of the Champions League, with Arsenal and Tottenham slightly behind.

In the match, the Reds were concerned, as Salah walked off the field in the 30th minute of the first half with back pain.

The game is busy in the first half.

The first 45 minutes of the match were very emotional. In addition to capturing more balls, Liverpool invested in a strong influx through striker Flanks with Luis Diaz and Salah. However, in the sequel, the team faced two fears: First, Allison complained of pain after hitting Marcos Alonso and continued on the field. Shortly afterwards, Salah sat down on the lawn with back pain, and was replaced.

On the Chelsea side, in addition to physical activity with Alonso and Lukaku, there were opportunities in four different situations, which were captained by Plisik. However, there was no need to save any bid from goalkeeper Allison.

In the match between Chelsea and Liverpool for the FA Cup final, Sadio Mane fights with Georginho on the ball - Chris Brunskel / Fantasista / Getty Images

In the match between Chelsea and Liverpool for the FA Cup final, Sadio Mane had an argument with Georginho over the ball.

Photo: Chris Brunskill / Fantasista / Getty Images

Very high probability and ‘0 to 0 fake’

The intensity of the first half remained the same. Initially, Chelsea had three chances: Marcos Alonso, first, in Allison’s good defense. In a new defense from the Liverpool goalkeeper, after the Plisik, Lukaku axis; And, in the third, a free kick from Alonso that hit the post.

Liverpool responded with Robertson, who headed badly, and Luis Diaz, who shot less, crossed, but with the bar, goalkeeper Mandy defended. Pressure from both sides continued, especially in the dramas influenced by the sides.

At 37, there were two great chances in the game. Diego Jotta sent him to Mane, who arranged it for Luis Diaz. Columbia took the ball and sent it strong with his right leg. It exploded on the beam and came out. Less than a minute later, Milner crossed the middle of the area on Robertson, who grabbed him in the first place and sent him back to the post.

Allison saves during FA Cup final between Liverpool and Chelsea - Mike Hewitt / Getty Images - Mike Hewitt / Getty Images

Allison saves during Liverpool-Chelsea FA Cup final.

Photo: Mike Hewitt / Getty Images

There is no greater opportunity for overtime

In the usual time, the tie took 30 minutes of extra time. With the fatigue of the players and less aggressive production on both sides, penalty kicks came.

Penalty shootout

In penalties, Marcos Alonso, Race James, Barclays, Georginho and Zach converted for Chelsea. Azpilicueta wasted the beam in the second kick and Mason Mount saved his penalty by Allison. For Liverpool, Milner, Thiago, Roberto Firmino, Alexander-Arnold, Diego Jotta and Smeikas replaced; Mandy saved Manny’s fine.

Costas Tsemikas celebrates after Liverpool's FA Cup final victory over Chelsea on penalties - Mike Hewitt / Getty Images - Mike Hewitt / Getty Images

Costas Tsemikas celebrates after scoring on a penalty in Liverpool’s win over Chelsea in the FA Cup final.

Photo: Mike Hewitt / Getty Images

Data sheet

Chelsea 0 x 0 Liverpool
Reason: England Cup Final
History: 05/14/2022
Local: Wembley
Hour: 12:45 pm (from Brasilia)
Yellow cards: Reece James (CHE)
Red card:

Chelsea: Mandy Chalobah (Azpilicueta), Thiago Silva and Rüdiger; Reece James, Kovacic (Kante), Jorginho and Marcos Alonso; Mt. Coach: Thomas Tochl.

Liverpool: Allison Alexander-Arnold, Connati, Van Dijk (Metap) and Robertson (Tsemikas); Henderson, Keita (Milner) and Thiago Alcântara; Luis Diaz (Roberto Fermino), Salah (Diego Jotta) and Mane. Coach: Georgin Klopp.

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