LoL: Meet Blue, the new MOBA champion lol

Riot Games unveiled Neela this Wednesday, a new champion who will arrive in the League of Legends in the 12.13 update. According to the developer, she arrived in the boot lane with the goal of becoming a tumultuous devilist.

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Neela had the details provided by the developer – Photo: Disclosure / Riot game

The trailer for the new MOBA Champion had already been released by Riot Games last week, but full details such as the capabilities and the locations where they will be useful for players, came out this Wednesday. Also, the developer gives a brief history of the character.

– Neela is a Sanyasi warrior who has sworn allegiance to a legendary command, known for its power to destroy the ancient devil’s power of happiness, righteous injustices and great evils. She follows a strict set of rituals and ceremonies to connect with this being, whose power manifests itself in the sparkling, scorching water of the spiritual lake in which she was imprisoned – revealing part of the story. Is.

See Blue’s skills

Shapeless blade (Q)
Inactive: Attacks and damage to the Champions’ ability to ignore some of their armor and fix the blue one percent of the damage. This effect scales with a critical strike chance and can give an overhaul while protecting the champion with a shield.

Active: Blue strikes in a straight line, damaging all enemies. Hitting the enemy increases the champion’s attack range and attack speed by a few seconds. In addition, its main attacks are scattered in a cone, causing additional damage.

Happy curtain (W)
Blue wraps itself in a fog, briefly increases its speed, reduces magical damage, and avoids basic attacks. Touching the friendly champion will hide them in the fog, giving them the same bonus for half the time.

Hurricane (E)
Blue passes through a target unit, damaging all the enemies it passes through. It can carry up to 2 milestrom charges.

During the champion Maelstrom can cast the Sheepless Blade (Q) to pull the wave towards you, deal with damage and activate your powerful attacks.

Apotheosis (R)
Neela swings her weapon in the area around her, deals with the damage and pulls the enemies towards the center with one last explosive loss. This loss fixes up to one percent of the damage to the champion, converting the extra healing into a shield. Critical hit chances are shared with heel and shield scale and close allies.

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