Luiz Henrique plays his last game for Fluminense in Maracanã and cries as he leaves: “It will hurt a lot” | fluminense

This Thursday, in Maracan, Fluminense’s 2-1 victory over Cruzeiro marked the farewell to Louis Henrique’s flu shirt at the stadium. After the end of the match, the striker expressed his happiness and was transferred to the mixed zone from the tricolor base to remember his friends.

– The children of Xerém always supported me, they were always with me. Martinelli, Andre, Calgary … they were always very honest with me and I was always with them. He says, “Louise, go ahead, you’re polite, you’ve come from below …” (He began to cry emotionally).

– What makes me so emotional is that I have so many friends here, children of Xérem, I have to thank them so much. He was always with me. They never cheated on me. I know there are a lot of bad people in this life, but these guys who came with me from below, they always helped me a lot. In difficult times, in joys, that’s why I cry here. They helped me a lot professionally. This farewell will hurt a lot, that’s why I’m crying – the striker finished.

When asked about a possible return to Fluminense, Louis Henrique said goodbye “see you later”.

– I know I’ll be back to Fluminense one day. From the age of 11, he opened the door for me. It was the first club of my career, my father’s favorite team. I just have to thank this wonderful crowd.

After the game against Cruzeiro, Louis Henrique surrendered to Fluminense fans as soon as he left the field, saying he was living a dream in his career. The assailant also admitted that he had a movie in his head when he saw Maracana screaming his name.

– It was everything I had hoped for in my life. All fans of Maracanã, I’ve always dreamed of it. With the victory and even more so, with the crowd shouting my name, this was my last feeling here. I just have to thank them. They did everything for me, from my first day here. Especially in this last match. Just thank them for this beautiful victory.

Louis Henrique was moved to say goodbye to Maracan: “This was everything I expected in my life.”

– I had a movie in my head. It was a great sacrifice. From the first day when I was 11 years old in Xerém until I reached the professional level. My family was there, they even took a belt for me. This is very gratifying – said Luiz Henrique.

With 119 games and 14 goals for Fluminense Professional, Luiz Henrique officially bid farewell to the Brazilian Championship against Botafogo on Sunday, at 4pm, at the Nilton Santos Stadium. The striker has been sold to Real Bates since March. The striker said it was not yet clear he was leaving the club.

Luiz Henrique, in Fluminense x Cruzeiro – Photo: André Durão

– It’s not sunk yet, I don’t even know what to say. I’m holding back my emotions a lot. A little kid like me, the one handling the world, going out at the age of 21, I have to straighten my head. I have given my life so far, and I will do so until I retire.

Louis Henrique said he would not initially travel to Spain with his family. According to the athlete, the first goals are to go with the manager, get to know new clubs, players, and learn the local language to adapt more quickly.

This Thursday, in the first leg of the Copa du Brazil, Luis Henrique’s last game in Maracan was a victory against Cruzeiro. Even with the loss of Fluminense to boost the score, the striker talked about the importance of winning at home.

– We knew we could score more, but it didn’t happen. The important thing is to come out victorious. Now is the time to go to Maine, give your life and come out victorious.

Best Moments: Fluminense 2 x 1 Cruzeiro, for the first leg of the Copa du Brazil 2022 Round of 16

Best Moments: Fluminense 2 x 1 Cruzeiro, for the first leg of the Copa du Brazil 2022 Round of 16

Copa du Brazil’s return match against Cruzeiro will take place on July 12 at 9 pm in Manirao. Fluminense qualifies with a win or a draw. In case of defeat by goal difference, the match goes to penalties, as there is no goal away from home. Cruzeiro must win by two or more goals to qualify.

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