Maracanã vetoed Vasco’s game, calling for a review and a response to the recent friction. Vasco

The battle between Vasco and Maracan gained another chapter. On Tuesday night, the stadium-managing consortium rejected the club’s request to play on-site against Sport on July 3. One reason is that the Fluminense will face the Corinthians the day before, and the lawn will be damaged. The verdict, once again, fell on deaf ears.

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Vasco refuses to accept the club’s offer before the game against Cruzeiro on June 12 as a revenge for all the problems the concessionaire had. At the time, Fluminense faced Atlético-GO the day before and the pitch was in good condition the next day. The club has conducted a survey of the games that have been played in the stadium for two consecutive days since 2020.

– With this decision, the consortium closed the doors of Maracan to Vasco and his fans. There is no justification for preventing our match against Sport from taking place in Rio de Janeiro’s largest stadium, which is a public facility. Different treatment between the big clubs in Rio is unacceptable. We hope that reason will prevail and this decision will be reversed – said Carlos Roberto Osorio, Vasco’s first vice president general.

Fans of Vasco in Maracan during the match against Cruzeiro – Photo: Daniel Ramalho / CRVG

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The organizers also claim that the game schedule in Maracanã was already in place in July, with at least eight matches being arranged, which could reach ten, depending on the performance of Flamingo and Flumenis in the Copa du Brazil. ۔ Rejecting the argument, Vasco said that even if rivals were ahead of the competition, the maximum number of games per month would be nine.

List of sports in Maracan in July:

  • 02/07 – Fluminense x Corinthians (Brazilian Championship)
  • 06/07 – Flamingo vs Ptolemy (Libertadores)
  • 07/07 – Fluminense x Ceará (Brazilian Championship)
  • 07/13 – Flamengo vs Atlético-MG (Brazil Cup)
  • 07/16 – Flamingo vs. Curitiba (Brazilian Championship)
  • 07/20 – Flamingo vs. Juventus (Brazilian Championship)
  • 07/24 – Fluminense x RedBull (Brazil Championship)
  • 07/27 – (Possibly) Flamingo or Fluminense (Brazil Cup)
  • 07/30 – Flamengo x Atletico-GO (Brazilian Championship)

The consortium’s denial also states that Vasco had requested the availability of a stadium very close to the date of the game. The order was placed on June 15. According to the club, the application against Cruzeiro was short-lived and was granted.

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Vasco’s legal department sent a new letter Wednesday afternoon requesting reconsideration and asking the consortium to respond by Thursday night.

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