Marco: Merck’s request for FIA help “butt fire”

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For the consultant Red Bull, Helmet MarcoLobbying by Mercedes after this FIA In 2022 to help fix your porpoising problems in the car Formula 1 Still in disagreement with the federation’s move to change the rules in the middle of the season, the “backfire” ended.

after the Azerbaijan GPMany drivers, especially a Mercedes pair, George Russell And Lewis HamiltonRequested FIA to intervene in driver’s safety regulations.

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The FIA ​​issued a technical directive ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix outlining a plan for a vertical sleep metric that would force teams to limit car bounce, raising the floor height from the ground. At risk Which compromises performance. .

In addition, the document allows teams to take additional steps to strengthen their floors, such as adding another metal support rod, which Mercedes did immediately.

But the FIA’s action did not go well between the teams, due to non-compliance with the rules of procedure, while the bounce limit set at the end of the year could hurt Mercedes. ۔

That’s why Marco, whose Red Bull sees no need for the FIA ​​to be involved in the case, thinks the case could hurt Mercedes. Talking to motorsport.comThe consultant said the FIA’s threat to force the teams that do the most damage to lift their cars could be a big shot at the opponent.

And so he suggests that Mercedes’ efforts to include the FIA ​​resulted in the opposite of what the manufacturer expected: “Exactly,” he said. “In German, we have a saying: ‘Der Schuss ging nach gestured to them.So basically the answer was Mercedes.

Helmet Marco, Consultant, Red Bull Racing, with Christian Horner, Team Principal, Red Bull Racing

Photo by: Patrick Venet / Motorsport Images

For Marco, the FIA ​​should stay out of the debate altogether, as not all teams experience the same trend.

“I totally agree with Max. [Verstappen]: It is not right to change the rule in the middle of the season. The FIA ​​cannot determine the adjustment. Changing the height of the vehicle means changing the setup and the FIA ​​cannot do that. My next point is that this is all a result of one team’s problems. “

“This team should solve its own problems without affecting other teams.”

Although the first directive is not expected to affect the Red Bull, it is likely that a new direction will be taken this week with a meeting with the technical directors of the FIA ​​teams. Marco said more details were needed from the federation to understand how much it intended to join.

“I think there are a lot of parameters that are not clear yet. So I think the FIA ​​needs to come up with another explanation.”

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