Marcos Leonardo Santos talks about a good moment in the season: “The tide has turned” |  Saints

Marcos Leonardo Santos talks about a good moment in the season: “The tide has turned” | Saints

After a tumultuous start to the season, Santos is having a good time, with the fight not being relegated to Campeonato Palista. Second in the Brazilian Championship, Peixe reached the Round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil and still has a chance to qualify for the Copa Sudamericana.

Striker Marcos Leonardo described a good moment for Santos, who has scored three consecutive victories, which has not happened since June last year, while appearing on the Sport TV program “Tá na Área”.

– The tide has turned. We knew the importance of starting the Copa du Brazil and Sodamericana as well as the Brazilian Championship. We are improving, treating every game like a final and we are in a good race.

Peixe’s shirt number 9 also commented on Fabián Bustos’ work. According to him, Santos coach has a “Big Daddy” style and he helps develop the players in the squad.

– I was able to take positive points with each coach. The breaks are unusual. Like to work, train a lot. He’s a big daddy, likes to talk to the group, understands the player’s side and we understand that. I’m convinced that this is helping everyone to perform at their best – said Marcos Leonardo, who also stressed that, at the time of Dante, Argentina does not let itself down.

Marcos Leonardo, from Santos, in an interview with “Tá na Área” – Photo: Reproduction

See other excerpts from Marcus Leonardo’s interview:

Engaged to Léo Baptistão

– Leo is an easy man to play. Very clever, he played in Atletico Madrid in Europe. It’s very easy to play on the side with it.

Meet the cast to change currency

– Yes, there was. There was a very strong change in our team. We had a meeting between the players for each one so that someone could take responsibility. Everyone tried their best and helped on the field, as a result of which the spectators deserved it. With great victory.

The importance of Ricardo Gollart

– Recordo is exceptional on and off the field. He helps the little ones. A sacred player who has won many titles. “It simply came to our notice then.

Preparing to be professional and social with the new Meninos da Vila

– I’m very happy. Every child dreams of reaching the pros. Since I was little, I always kept in mind that I would make the best use of it when I had the chance to go upstairs. It has always been my dream to wear the number 9 shirt of Santos, to score a lot of goals and to bring happiness. This dream belongs not only to me, but to my father, to the whole family. The boys are going upstairs, Lucas is standing outside. They are exceptional boys, with skill and who are deciding the game.

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