Mateus Vital praised Vtor Pereira’s work and talked about a possible return to Corinthians.

Mateus Vital praised Vtor Pereira’s work and talked about a possible return to Corinthians.

Just eight months ago in Greece, midfielder Mattis Vital is on loan from Corinthians to Panathinaikos until June 30, but his future is still uncertain. The player confirmed that he should return to Brazil to decide whether to join Veteran Pereira’s squad or stay in the European team – Panathinaikos has a حق 4 million purchase (approximately R $ 22.8 million). Is fixed

“My wife is going to Brazil now, 13th, and my daughter has to go with her. It ends here (the championship) on the 21st, I have to come back to Brazil, I have a contract with Corinthians until December 2023 and when I get to Brazil we will talk about our next steps.Mattis Vital said in an interview ge.globe

The 24-year-old played 39 games for the Greek team and scored three goals – in addition to providing an assist. The team plays the final part of the season and still has decisions to make, such as a place dispute in the Europa League. Vital believes that because of this, definitions of his future have not yet been debated.

“Nothing has come to me yet. I don’t know if they spoke to the Corinthians or if my representatives knew anything. As we get closer to the final stage, there is a lot of time to make decisions, we don’t know if we are going to the Europa League or not, I think they are waiting for his praise so that this decision Who will be the players? Next season. I’m sure this definition goes beyond our rankings. Other players are facing the same situation and there is a lot of talk about it, how will our season end if we start talking, ”said the player.

With this uncertainty, Mattis Vital does not hide his desire to continue working in Europe. However, the midfielder said he would welcome a return to the Park Sao George club if necessary.

“I’ve always dreamed of being able to act in Europe. I came here and spent my first season here. I have a contract with Corinthians until December 2023, I don’t know what will happen, if God and Corinthians want me to stay I will be happy to wear this shirt again, no comment on its greatness club this much It will be very important for me emotionally and for my career to wear the Corinthians shirt again“The midfielder made it clear.

“If I could live in Europe I would find a place, or if the Pentathinicos wanted to buy me or talk to the Corinthians about giving me back, I would be glad to make it a milestone in my career. Will face as moment. , Which will be my proof in Europe. I have to go after my goals, it’s a good season for me to stay, “he added.

Although the focus was on the Greek conflict and the desire to stay in Europe, Vital continued to follow Corinthians’ matches and took the opportunity to drop his compliments for Veteran Pereira. The player also highlighted the good organization of the team and how to use the Commander Squad.

“As long as I can, I watch the games live. When that doesn’t happen, it’s time to dump her and move on. I watched the game against Bragentino, I was returning from one of my games, I got home at 11pm, and the Corinthians game started at midnight. It was easy to see, when he came back from the game, it took him a long time to fall asleep. It’s good that the Corinthians came out victorious, “he explained.

“There are a lot of qualified players in this squad, he has a coach who knows how to use this squad well, this job is being used by everyone. I am very happy that Corinthians is achieving its goals, with good results in Brazil and Libertadores, everything is on track. In Brazil you have to keep doing this good work, stay at the top of the table and maybe get the title, which is very important.”, Continued.

In addition to talking about the current Corinthians team, Vital also commented on Fell’s strength. The player expressed his love for Elevenigra fans and compared them to Panathinakos fans.

Dude, it’s hard to talk about Corinthians. Honestly, I have never seen anything like it. It’s very different, Corinthians fans are a bit different. But fans of Panathinaikos are obsessed. In almost every game they have filled the stadium, they are always with us. They didn’t come from very good seasons, sometimes the crowds would calm down, but they didn’t. It’s a very crazy crowd, they sing for about 90 minutes, there’s always music. The final will be at the Olympic Stadium here, the Municipal Stadium, nice, very beautiful, and it will be 50% for each side. “

Mattis Vital has a contract with Corinthians until 31 December 2023. If he returns to the team in June, he can only be registered by the club in the respective competitions from July 18, when the transfer window to Brazil opens for the second half.

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