Matt Ryan will scare the ghost of Andrew Luck.

Since Andrew Luck’s early retirement, the Indianapolis Colts have struggled with a quarterback position. In all the years that followed, the cast was great, but the lack of consistency in who was passing the ball made it dynamic. He tried to invest in the “safe” option with Jacob Burset – but it didn’t work out. The following year, he bet on the historic Philip Rivers, an experienced and qualified passerby – it didn’t work either. In 2021, they risked everything and replaced Carson Ventz – guess what: it didn’t work either.

With so much talent on both sides of the ball and still need to take advantage of the time, Chris Ballard decided to take advantage of the Falcons moment and trade for Matt Ryan. Despite the same argument about hiring reverse – in the latter part of his career, a quarterback has already been proven – Ryan is expected to stay in the tank with even more gas and in fresh air. At the same time, unlike before, there was already a marked decline.

With great help on and off the field, Attack of the Franchise has everything to finally get back on track. Four years later (and four quarterbacks).

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After Kyle Shanahan’s departure following the historic end of Super Bowl LI, Ryan was practically alone in Atlanta. The team was a mess, the crime didn’t revive its glorious days and the situation got worse every year. Matt tried to fix it with his arm, but the result was a decline in his performance, as the defense knew what to expect. In 2019/20, he led the NFL in full passes, just to see that the number of interventions was increasing, while the number of his touchdowns decreased.

There is no secret. He cannot change gears when the attack is clear. Fortunately for you, the situation in Indianapolis is quite different. For starters, there is the game of earth. After a formidable rookie season, Jonathan Taylor led the league in his senior year at Rushing Yards (1811) and Touch Downs (18), with a crazy average Rushing Yards per game (106.5). Even with the Wentz at a critical juncture, Frank Reich used this threat to better prepare the play action, not for anything, it was the fourth quarterback that made the device all the way in 2021. Used more than (32.5% retreat it).

Guess, dear readers, what was one of Ryan’s greatest traits in 2016, when Shanahan’s offense was not stopped and the quarterback destroyed the opposing defense, which was awarded the MVP award? He was the passer-by who enjoyed the most action this year, with a very well-crafted land game and he also knew how to use running backwards in the air. Despite not having a deep wide receiver cover, a strong relationship with Julio Jones was enough to open up space.

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