McGregor says he ‘invented’ the Chandler knockout and rejects Anderson Silva’s Belfort kick

McGregor says he ‘invented’ the Chandler knockout and rejects Anderson Silva’s Belfort kick

Through social media, the Irish fighter denies that Michael Chandler’s Tony Ferguson resembles the iconic kick given to Witter Belfort by Anderson Silva last week (7), 2011.

This past week (7), Michael Chandler was one of the highlights of UFC 274 and defeated compatriot Tony Ferguson by a historic knockout.. And the way North America shot its rival inside the octagon. light weight Divided opinion, including a series of published tweets Connor McGregor On social networks.

Chandler knocked out Ferguson with a well-kicked kick from his right leg, disfiguring his opponent’s face, which immediately fell off. And that blow was compared to that. Anderson Silva I 2011I UFC 126When won Waiter Belfort, Even through knockout. In McGregor’s view, however, this was not the case.

On Twitter, the Irish fighter wrote that Chandler’s recreated kick was “his own” and compared the multiplication to that of the Spiders, saying that the Brazilian was different in style from “karate”, and that his A kick is actually like that. From the good old soccer players.

For example, McGregor posted a photo of the cook he gave. Marcus BremageDuring the UFC event 2013Which would have been ‘copied’ by Chandler.

“I was the first player to kick a football in front of an opponent. It was my debut. I call it an ‘over the bar’ kick,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Anderson’s (Silva’s) kick was different, he had karate. My good old owl was American football Irish rugby Tom Brady,” he continued.

Unsatisfied with the comments of some followers on social media, the Irishman posted a picture of his kick and Anderson reproduced it, becoming more ‘dactic’ to explain his ‘theory’ about Chandler’s blow. Tried

“Compare the socket. Anderson (football) kicked the ball 20 yards away.” They said.

“It’s as clear as day. Karate techniques from Anderson’s textbook. McGregor big football, F *** take down, richer than quarterbacks.”


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