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Discover three free NFT games.


Mir4, Forest Knight and Gods Unchained are game-making games that use the blockchain system.

NFT games have become a fad in recent months due to its potential to generate revenue from gaming. However, some of the most popular options on the market require a large initial investment to get started. Here you can check out three free NFT games to enter the Play to Earn universe.

Mir 4

Photo: Reproduction / Mir4

Mir4 is a South Korean MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). In the game, you can get the item Black Steel, which can be converted into Dracos, in exchange for which cryptocurrencies can be exchanged. To get Black Steel in the game, the player can perform various daily missions. It is also possible to leave your character on a mission in automatic mode. If players reach the level of 60 in Mir4, their role will be as NFT, which can be traded.

The game stands out among other features of free NFT games that are found in some of the higher budget games. Because it has the mechanics and details that make Mir4 stand out as a game, not just as a money-making option.

Forest night

Photo: Reproduction / Forest Night

Forrest Knight is a free NFT strategy game featuring the features and mechanics of casual mobile games. In the game, the player explores different lands through levels. Upon completing the mission, the player receives NTFS and valuables. The gameplay revolves around turn-based battles in which the player must use his best characters to get through the stages.

It is also possible to play against other players in PVP battles in Forest Night. Rewards included. looting And a chest of sand. Another detail of the game is that it is possible to fuse items, and in this way your character statistics can be improved and new skills can be acquired.

God restless

Photo: Reproduction / God restless

Finally, the last free NFT game offered is Gods Unchained, a competitive card game. In the game players get new cards just by playing, and these cards can be traded. For those who like to show off their skills in the rankings, you can also find this option in Gods Unchained.

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