Metaverse is not just for play to earn money and is already transferring millions to Brazil.

Metaverse is not just for play to earn money and is already transferring millions to Brazil.

That Metawors is one of the key trends of 2022 is not news to anyone when it comes to technology. The profound virtual environment is already a reality that is slowly gaining ground in the world of technological innovation.

International companies such as Facebook, Nvidia and Nike are already betting on this market by investing in digital platforms that allow the creation of 3D avatars, space. For example, support for building metavers and new technologies for games.

In the national territory, Banco do Brasil also launched a virtual experiment inside the GTA game server, for example.

Faced with such a hidden phenomenon, It’s natural for many startups to think about how to keep up with the new scenario and keep it consistent. Your business in the midst of so much news. Experts from various fields comment below on the key points for Brazilian startups in this new moment.

The purpose of desire

For Bitfy founder and CEO Lucas Schwartz, Metavers is an ecosystem of unused potential, with scandals from the sports and arts sectors still in its infancy. Major players in the market are beginning to appear in different metavers, for example, various items, avatars and land sales guides.

For executives, as has been proven so far, however, is the monetization of this market, where it is necessary to build a portfolio to store assets, and thus enter Bitfy’s own custody portfolio into Metavers as an actor. happens.

In this virtual reality world all purchases are made using an NFT (currency that circulates in the metavers as a means of payment), obtained through a cryptocurrency (usually Ethereum), which Later it becomes the goal of the user’s desire.

Connectivity and 5G

In the telecommunications market, Mobita Week’s CXO, Jota Fernandez, believes that the role of digital operators is to connect the Brazilian people in an easy and accessible way, using 5G technology to make this scenario possible.

“Along with other operators, Veek is working to pave the way for this technology, looking to the future, as we see Chinese companies begin testing 6G networks, starting at 200 gigabytes per second.” Reach great speed “, he defends.

Progress in health

Just as many industries are now vying for a foothold in Metavers, healthcare is moving in a direction that already exists. Forms of therapy using virtual reality and augmented reality technologies are already an exercise within the metavers concept. Physiotherapy, cognitive therapy and telemedicine are examples of this.

“Even though experts say it could still take years to reach an ideal and complete model of Metavers, we already have the scenario of what the new technology could offer, including 5G.” Accordingly, that in itself will already upgrade our standards. “Navigation,” explains Rafael Almeida, product manager at Health Tech Saúde da Gente.

News in e-commerce.

From banking to retail, there is a migration to Metavers. Also, there are people who were specifically born into this scenario before it became “hyped”. This is the case with Code Coast, a growing reality startup whose primary goal is to democratize the use of technology in the Brazilian e-commerce market.

For the Metavers era, the company will be a service provider and collaborator for this construction, as it covers many areas of activity, such as media events and actions, retail, real estate, construction, etc.

“The market for Augmented Reality in Brazil is still very little explored, leaving us in a sea of ​​opportunities and growth,” explains Ismail Nascimento, CTO of the startup.

Metaverse grows the business but there are challenges.

Gabriel Figueroa, a digital communications specialist and head of marketing at Zappts, said technology companies are among the main beneficiaries of this new type of social interaction, as they can suggest new ways to use Metavers, to promote a product. From integrating corporate routines, for example.

Considered a hub of innovation, Metavers helped boost the gaming market. Big brands such as Nike, Itaú and Vans have already developed action with virtual environments to reach new heights, and as a result, We have positioned ourselves in this new place, “he said

Last year Nike created Nikeland within the Roblox game – players can create their own virtual world, plus other game participants can interact with the experience created within the platform.

In addition, the sports brand announced the purchase of the company Artifact Studios, which specializes in the manufacture of footwear and digital accessories. The company’s focus is on growing Metawors and connecting with people who love fashion and games.

Itaú, on the other hand, launched the # 2022EmUmaPalavra campaign, aimed at gaining the attention of gamer audiences for the company. Campaigning on billboards at the so-called Cidade Alta on the Outplay Role Play server in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Eventually, Vans also entered Roblox – like Nike – and created Vans World, a place where you can purchase and customize different styles of custom shoes during the game. The company also aims to expand its reach into the digital world between online sports and fashion.

Also, according to the expert, as much as Metavers attracts positive attention, behind-the-scenes challenges surround those who want to implement a virtual environment in the corporate routine. Check out two of them below:

  • Data Security: Companies are increasingly concerned about data security, so it is not surprising that the field of IT is constantly evolving. Metaverse calls for a new level of protection of identity information, and what is achieved in a virtual environment is considered property.
  • Time and space: When we compare physical and virtual reality, the perception of time and space may be different, because our body’s awareness is less in the meteors. The relationship between time and space should demonstrate comfort and awareness while users are in a virtual environment.

Also, it is possible to look at this experience from two angles:

  • 1) In-depth experience: where you have a virtual reality headset that allows you to immerse yourself in the three-dimensional environment of Metavers, create avatars and connect people anywhere in the world.
  • 2) Experience through screens: either through computer or smartphone, as is the case with Gader, which allows a universe where users can perform activities together.

Metavers and marketing agencies

Saulo Camelo, CEO of Camelo Digital, a marketing agency that has been in the market for over ten years.With Metavers, new trends in remote work and use will stimulate online shopping and human relationships, offering the potential for maximum growth in networks.

According to him, this way, everything will be done together: working, watching movies, accessing streaming platforms and sharing web content. According to Saulo Camelo, keeping in mind these theories proposed by Metaverse.

He also points out that Metaverse’s applications are virtually endless because they can promote interaction between humans without the need for physical space sharing. Thus, virtual offices, 3D tours, exhibitions and fairs will become increasingly popular.

“The Metavers would be a great initiative for any marketing company. New technology should further increase the number of people working remotely after epidemics. In addition, another highly cited trend is the use of virtual currencies only. In doing so, there is an increase in payments through the Internet. We will take the end-user experience to the next level and, as a result, improve the location. By integrating technology with the possibility of remote work, ‘ The words ‘innovation’ and ‘profit’ cannot be more united, “he says.

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