Ministry of Health extends second booster diet for people over 40 – Portuguese (Brazil)

As of this Monday (20), people aged 40 and over, who had started their vaccination schedule with CoronaVic, Pfizer or AstraZeneca, attended one of the more than 38,000 vaccination rooms in the country to receive a second dose. Can Support against CoVID-19. The Ministry of Health recommends that immunizations be given with the Pfizer, AstraZeneca or Janssen vaccine, four months after the first booster. Including this age group, approximately 9 million people should be vaccinated.

Daniel Pereira, executive secretary of the Ministry of Health, emphasized that portfolio decisions are based on scientific standards. “Today, the Ministry of Health is strengthening its ever-vigilant role in the fight against epidemics. All decisions are based on scientific evidence. It is important for the population to find a health post, and especially a booster dose,” he said.

Research by Oxford University in the UK, initiated by the Ministry of Health, shows that heterologous combinations of different vaccines are more effective for booster diets. So far, more than 6.6 million Brazilians have received a second booster dose.

Arnoldo Maderos, Secretary of Health Surveillance at the Ministry of Health, invited the Brazilian population to get a vaccination post. “The reason we are here today is to call on the Brazilian population to find a vaccination post and get vaccinated so that we have a growing safe population. A good vaccine is one that is given on the arm. Studies show It turns out that the vaccine has a protective effect in cases of complications and growth due to COD-19.

New recommendation

Those who started the vaccination schedule with a single dose of Johnson should also strengthen their protection against the virus. The last recommendation was for the use of booster doses in people 18 years of age and older two months after the first application. Now, those 18 years of age or older should receive a second booster four months after the first. People over the age of 40 need a third booster, which should be given four months after the second booster. In these cases, the AstraZeneca, Pfizer or Janssen vaccine is recommended.

Vaccination campaign

The Ministry of Health has already distributed more than 518 million doses of the Covid 19 vaccine, ensuring the safety of 77% of Brazil’s population. With the exception of the 5 to 11 age group, the last group to join the national plan for the operationalization of vaccines against COD-19 (PNO), all other age groups had more than 90% with the first dose. Vaccination coverage. Booster food coverage is increasing with the involvement of groups. In the elderly, for example, coverage reaches 92.4% with the first booster dose.

Immunizations need to be strengthened to prevent serious cases and deaths from CoVID-19, so the Ministry of Health seeks to raise awareness about the benefits of vaccination. About 22 million Brazilians who have been vaccinated against CoVID-19 are eligible for a second dose. The first booster dose estimate, indicated for people 12 years of age or older, is 62 million eligible people. And about 27 million in the case of the second booster diet. These people can now find a vaccination post and get an immunizing agent.

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