Mogi has announced that he will not have an adult basketball team in the 2022/23 season Basketball

Mogi Das Cruz’s adult men’s basketball team will not enter the court in the 2022/23 season.

In a statement issued this Wednesday (22) afternoon, the club announced its withdrawal from the next edition of the Polista Championship and Novo Basket Brazil (NBB), which will be played in the second half of 2022.

Mogi will not have an adult team next season – Photo: Civilian Ladisa / Mogi Basketball

The reason for the suspension in the activities of the adult team is the financial crisis faced by the Mogiano club during the last few seasons. This will be the first time since the project’s resumption in 2011 that the adult team has been eliminated.

In an interview with ge About a month ago, DeMas Martزnez Franco Jr., president of the Mogadishu Cruise Sports Association, who was in charge of managing the basketball team, talked about season planning.

He even confirmed the team’s participation in the Campeonato Palista, but checked out a possible presence in the NBB.

Demas Martins, president of the Mogi Das Cruise Sports Association, which manages the Mogi Basket – Photo: Vanessa Silva / TV Diary

In a nearly 30-year history, professional basketball at Mogi Das Cruise collected two Palista titles, winning in 1996 and 2016, the South American title in the 2016/15 season, in addition to the NBB runner-up in the 2017/18 cycle. The competition that Moggy, by the way, has had in the last ten editions.

According to a note issued by the club, in the 2022/23 season, Mogi will focus its activities only on the basic categories, playing in the Brazilian Championship in the Under-15 and Under-17 categories, the Basketball Development League (LDB) Under. With 22 squads, and Liga Palista tournaments, with U-11 and U-12 teams.

Mogi Basketball was the champion of Sao Paulo in 2016 – Photo: Cairo Oliveira

Read the full statement below.

He is very fond of basketball Mogyan, we already know! And when this spirit is nurtured from the beginning, it is the foundation of a loyal fan base and the guarantee of a stable club.

Mogi Basquete wants to enjoy this experience with you through our main category, which is already a reality. Since last season, nine training categories have been selected, and the teams already participating in the state and national championships are; SUB 11, SUB 12, SUB 13, SUB 14, SUB 15, SUB 16, SUB 17, SUB 18 and SUB 22.

Participating in the evolution of the club is tantamount to growing up with it, being active with every success, cup, award, being part of the family.

With your supporters, we will continue to name Mogi Basquete for Brazil, and we have already confirmed our participation in the Brazilian Championship in two categories. SUB 15 and SUB 17. In addition to the LDB (Development League), we will be present with SUB 22, and we will be one of the championship venues. Not to mention the participation of SUB 11 and SUB 12 in the Palista Basketball League.

All of this makes us a club that takes basketball in the right direction, we are building the future of Mogyan Basketball through a strong foundation, and we will be rewarded soon.

And with the same responsibility and planning, we chose not to participate in the Campanato Palista and NBB in 2022 with a professional team. At the moment, we have the best opportunity to solve all our pending financial problems, with players trained at home, building a strong foundation and investing heavily in the core category coming from the municipality of Mogi Das Cruz. ۔

The crowd is what is best for any club, we trust you in this new sowing and we will reap the fruits together.


Demas Martins Franco Jr.

President of the Mogi Das Cruise Sports Association

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