Monaco, Seleo, Corinthians and Metz … Numbers from Jemerson, Galo’s help

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Jammerson played 16 games for the Metz, all as a starter

Just six years later, Jammerson is back in the Atlantic. The veteran defender was announced on Monday as a new addition to the team. The link with Galo will run until the end of 2024. Super sports Below is a look at how the defender has performed since leaving the Minas Gerais club from France for Monaco in 2016.

Defenders sold by Atletico revealed this century.


Monaco paid Atltico € 11 million (currently R $ 48 million) to sign Jammerson in 2016.

With the Monaco shirt, Jammerson was the French champion in the 2016/17 season. In five seasons for the club, 153 games (152 as a starter) and four goals were scored.

Brazil national team

A good performance with the Monaco shirt took Jammerson to the Brazilian team. Called on a few occasions by Tight, the defender entered the field twice with a green and yellow jersey.

Jammerson’s debut for the national team was a 4-0 victory over Australia in a friendly match in 2017. That same year, he started and played for a full 90 minutes in a 3-1 victory over Japan.


Jammerson lost ground in Monaco and, in 2020, was given a loan to Corinthians. With a Sao Paulo club shirt, whenever he was available, he was a starter. But the deal lasted until mid-2021, when relations with the French club ended.

Defender has played for the club 21 times in eight months with Timo’s shirt. Three goals were scored. Following the termination of the contract, the contract was not renewed as Corinthians would need to increase the defender’s salary, which was beyond the club’s financial realm at the time.


Free on the market, Jammerson signed with Metz of France. The guard stayed at the club for a while. Unsatisfied, he terminated the contract in April this year.

There were 16 games for the defender, all as a starter, with a Metz shirt (five of them did not leak the team).

In the ocean

Jammerson was promoted to Atletico’s main team in 2013. The defender scored 109 games and eight goals, winning five titles: the Copa Libertadores (2013), the Recopa Sil-Americana (2014), the Copa du Brazil (2014) and the Campeonato Maniro (2014). 2013 and 2015).

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