MultiMarx renews sponsorship with Atlético-MG and extends to American football

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Multi Marcas renews sponsorship with Atlético-MG and extends to American football.

Multimarcas Consórcios and Atlético Mineiro renewed their sponsorship for another year. In 2022, the novelty is that the contract covers Galo Futebol Americano, a strong sport within the Minas Gerais club that is growing in Brazil. “Consórcio da Massa” is a product aimed at car fans with the benefits of buying cars and special experiences with the club.

Wesley Oliveira, president of the Gallo FA, comments on the newness in sponsoring the American football team. “It is with great pleasure that we welcome Multi Marcas as our new sponsor, in our mantle. We are proud to have this in our project. We know that Multimarcas Consórcios is a champion brand. And together with Galo FA, we will continue to be the fastest growing champion in Brazil. Welcome, home is ours. ”

According to Galo FA, the activation will remain as licensed by Atlético-MG. Thus, the club receives a fixed quota for sponsoring shirts, in addition to the percentage of each fan joining the “mass consortium”. In addition to the exclusive product for Galo, the company relies on the club’s communication channels and players’ influence to explain how the consortium works, whether to purchase cars, property or services.

Fernando Lamounier, Executive Director of Multimarcas Consórcios, highlighted the partnership’s newfound sponsorship of Futebol Americano do Galo. “American football is one of the fastest growing sports in Brazil in recent years. Combining our brand with another sport, inside Atlético Mineiro, which represents us very well, is a great satisfaction,” he said. Said.

About Galo FA

With a record of 2018 Brazil champions and victories in Brazilian football, Galo FA is one of the strongest teams in the country. Next week (18/6), at the Caster Sevevents Stadium in Nova Lima, the Alonegro Club will open against Ipatinga Tigres in Campionato Mineiro’s wild card.

This season, Galo FA will play in Campeonato Brasilروro, promoted by Campeonato Menero, Liga Menera DFA, Taka Brazil DFA, Liga BFA and the Brazilian Confederation of American Football (CBFA).

In the BFA League, Galo FA makes its debut against the American Big Riders, from Rio de Janeiro, in the last week of June.

The Brazilian Championship (CBFA) is set to begin in late July. Galo FA will face the Corinthians and Treaties teams at home and away from home, with the Cruzeiro and Flamingo teams.

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