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The official announcement will be made on the artist’s social media on Wednesday (22). (Photo: Nando Reis / Disclosure)

Singer Nando Reis has announced that he is launching a virtual wallet that will give his fans access to “a new universe” of exclusive content, gifts, collectibles, opportunities to interact with musicians and other news. Will do

Like the “Fan Tokens” in football, the wallet includes a prize program. Marked Where fans can earn “Nandos” for activities such as enjoying music. Spotify And, for example, the exchange of prizes, such as VIP tickets to a show.

Developed and planned by the Multi Disciplinary Executive Board of Selo Relicário Produções, the project, created by the artist himself in collaboration with Vania Passos, Diogo Damascena and Marcelo Rodrigues, aims to create a market where fans They can enhance their experience by already living directly with the artist. Through songs, but now who will be able to create the economic value of this emotional relationship.

“Could have lied more, could have collected more …”

For the musician, it’s a way to stay close to his fans and use the latest technology to avenge so many years of love, dedication and loyalty.

“I’m interested in technologies related to art. NFTs have caught my attention because of the many ways they use them,” says Nando Reis.

The digital wallet will be integrated into the network. Polygon (MATIC), Blockchain The second layer of EthereumAnd comes as part of the re-release project of the album “Para Quando o Arco-Íris Meet the Pot of Gold” which has a commemorative vinyl edition, remixed by Jack Andino.

In addition to Vinyl, there will be another CD / digital platform version with additional tracks, demos and “Hey Baby!” Will be re-recorded with Elana Dara and a documentary with archival material and stories about the album creation process. Disco

According to Reis, NFTs tooCan be traded in the secondary market. “Owners will be able to export them to Metamask and from there list them on platforms like OpenC,” he says.

The musician will officially announce the portfolio on their social networks next Wednesday, the 22nd with information about access to content.

“We’re planning a lot of cool things with the wallet, it’s just the beginning. Regarding the first use of the token, all I can say is that fans will be able to exchange Nandos for a special gift, “the artist concluded.

How does Nando Reis Virtual Wallet work?

The launch will be in partnership with singer’s company Relicário Produções, with Abrakazum Entretenimento, a company focused on creating collections. Non-fungal tokens (NFTs) For the public and events through the Moonwalk platform.

At the Abrakazum 2021 Carnival, the band was responsible for the NFT-like release of Keiko Pereira from Rupa Nova and Samba School Empire Serrano.

According to Renato Villela, CTO of Abrakazum Entretenimento, the wallet will allow Nando Reis to change the way he interacts with his fans. According to Vella, there is only one tool inside the NFT wallet.

“We’re going to create a lot of action and engagement. People will be able to get ‘Nandos’ on Spotify for other activities, including enjoying music, publishing by the singer,” he says.

He says the tokens could be exchanged in the future for VIP tickets, video conferencing with the singer and even access to special videos that have not yet been shared with anyone. They point out that there will be an area for these special materials only for those who reach a certain number of ‘nandos’, or a certain NFT.

Vella concludes by saying that the focus is not on NFT, but on the possibilities that Purse can make for those who are very busy.

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