Nazi BAYC? YouTube resumes discussion on NFT collection

Artist Ryder Ripps is one of the people responsible for the information contained in Phillion’s video. Photo: Fallen / YouTube

Cauê Moura had earlier made a short video on the subject, based on comparisons with the Order of Supremacy.

BAYC, NFT and Third Reich

Philip Rasnick, owner of the “Phillion” YouTube channel, posted a video titled “BORED APE NAZI CLUB”. In his one-hour work, he analyzed the NFT “Bored Ape Yacht Club” (BAYC) collection and its alleged links to racist imagery and white supremacy.

In the video, which was released yesterday (20), Flynn claims that the collection is “a big joke inside by ALT-Right.” The terms used are generally related to supremacist extremism.


YouTuber compared the artwork of the company Yuga Labs behind the NFT collection to the Nazi symbols used by the SS Panzer division, Totenkopf. Some of the video content was created by Rider Rips, a well-known digital artist.

In addition, Flynn urged users to press Yoga Labs to burn all tokens related to the collection, declaring them unusable:

“I want every actor, actor and celebrity influencer to burn his monkey. I want to throw odor on the fan so that everyone from Steve Curie to Post Mellon to Jimmy Fallon is forced to work. Be done

Furthermore, he claims that after a brief comparison between the Nazi symbols and the work of the BAYC, it is impossible to claim that all of this is mere coincidence:

“If I mention an issue that deliberately highlights Nazi, fascist or alt-right messages, you may think to yourself, ‘I see, but this is speculation.’ I asked: What is your limit? When all these points become crystals in front of your eyes?

Photo by Raphael Mota

Photo by Raphael Mota

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