NBA awards 6 schools in Brazil for recycling baskets  NBA

NBA awards 6 schools in Brazil for recycling baskets NBA

Hopes made of tires, homemade baskets with bamboo baskets and even face shields. There were many solutions for teachers in 196 Brazilian schools who signed up for Junior. NBA Six baskets with recycled materials were the project champions, it was announced this Friday.

The winning schools were:

  • EMEF Caxixe (Venda Nova do Imigrante / ES) and Professor Geraldo Sergio Brunelli Carita
  • EEEF Santo Agostinho (Erechim / RS) and teacher Laisa Ferst Bard
  • EM Rosiris Maria Andreucci Stopa (Atibaia / SP) and Professor Luiz Gustavo Gale da Silva
  • EM Pauline Parucker (Joinville / SC) and Professor Fernando da Silva
  • Canon Olympio Torres Reference School (Toparitama / PE) and Professor Antonio Carlos Gomez Martins
  • EMEF Professor Shirley Gove (Sao Paulo / SP) and Professor Amanda Christina Lopez Romeo

Reusable Material Basket that Won NBA Challenge – Photo: Reproduction

Six schools will receive an official NBA trade kit with balls, jerseys, trophies and other official materials. The project is a partnership between the American League and Impulsa, Instituo Península’s Physical Education Teacher Training Program.

– By 2021, 10,000 teachers have already signed up for the free Junior Online Course. NBA Now, we see knowledge being put into practice in the challenge. We believe in the power of change in school sports and basketball is one of the tools for that – said NBA Brazil president Rodrigo Vicentini.

NBA Creative Basketball Challenge Awards – Photo: Handout

Professor Geraldo praised the local culture of Espírito Santo for making bamboo baskets at Caxi School. Teacher Laisa solved the problem of adjusting the height of the basket with pole spaghetti and wire hoop at Santo Augustinoho School. Professor Luiz Gustavo made a table with palette and monster hops at Rosiris Maria Andreucci Stopa School. Professor Fernando used tires, EVA and canvas to make a basket that returns the ball to a Pauline Parker School student. Professor Antonio Carlos Konigo tires a motorcycle and wood to make the Olympio Torres school basket. Teacher Amanda Shirley Govio uses balls made of facial shields and cloth masks to recall the most difficult times of the corona virus epidemic at school.

– The purpose of this project is to encourage sports in schools and to show its importance in training youth. In addition to physical health, physical education develops students’ cognitive and emotional aspects, and therefore needs to be valued – says Wanderson Burbitt, director of Impulse.

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