NBA Draft Bulletin (6/23/2022)

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The Lakers receive a second-round draft pick.

The Los Angeles Lakers got the trade they were looking for and are officially in it. Draft this year. According to Adrian Wojnarowski ESPNThe team won its 35th draft pick after a deal with Orlando Magic. In the meantime, Angelinos will send an undisclosed amount of cash and a selection of the next round of the future to Florida.

The choice made by the NBA Champions in 2020, by the way, may not be yours. In fact, it will be the highest pick of the Lakers and Washington Wizards in 2028. That is, magic will not be able to see its vital assets for six years.

Beauchamp draws inspiration from great NBA defenders.

Tried to bring Denver Nuggets. Marjon BeechampFor last minute training. And it was definitely worth it. According to the network’s Ryan Blackburn Mail High Sports, The guard impressed the team executives in court. Then he assured that he is ready to become the top scorer in the NBA.

“I watch a lot of Herbert Jones videos as well as Michael Bridges. These are my examples because I definitely see myself as an elite lawyer. That’s what I want to be as an athlete. I want to, “the former G-League Ignite told the Denver Press.

Pelicans are inspired by training with dyeing.

No one has yet guessed about the New Orleans Pelicans’ eighth selection plans. Draft. So far, however, the key “hint” points to a much more probable condition. According to Jonathan Giovanni ESPNThe team was impressed with the training session. Osman Deng For weeks

The French winger played for Oceania Basketball last season. Most analysts, first of all, believe that dyeing is a long-term project that is only 19 years old. He is considered to be a very creative traveler in terms of his size, but he has very little experience.

The Kings ignore Ivy, with Keegan Murray off.

What will the Sacramento Kings finally do with the fourth choice? Draft? This is a big question, because the franchise is very open to trade. With the latest rumors about the team, the likelihood of a transaction has increased even more. According to Chris Haynes of the portal Yahoo! the gameWill be closed on team selection. Keegan Murray With top 4 choices.

“Descand” would be a great alternative because Jaden Ivy It is widely regarded as the fourth best recruitment prospect. The point guard even revealed that he had not yet had any discussions with Sacramento’s managers and coaches. Therefore, many analysts believe that selecting Murray in the fourth position will reduce the value of such an important asset.

In transition

– The Kings made a small move before the start of the draft. The team sent out the 47th pick tonight. Cleveland Cavaliers And, in return, receive Sasha Wezenkov’s rights and 1. 1.75 million in cash.

AJ GriffinOf course, there is reason to celebrate the draft. According to analyst Jeff Goodman, no “red flags” were found in this year’s high-probability physical exams.

– The Milwaukee Bucks have not yet given much indication of what they want to do with the 24th draft pick. But, in a strong gesture of interest, the team moved forward Jack Laravia For two closed workouts.

-. او Golden State Warriors Finally, I am determined to discuss the 28th draft in the next few hours. According to Jeremy Wu of the magazine Sports IllustratedThe team no longer wants to have a guaranteed contract on their payroll.

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