NBA Rumors Bulletin (6/21/2022)

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PJ Tucker activates the contract clause and will be a free agent.

Veteran PJ Tucker will again be a free agent. Off season According to Shams Charania from the upcoming website AthleticThe Miami Heat Forward used the expiration clause to test the market. He will drop his تن 7.4 million guaranteed salary next season and as a result, he is likely to face several competing teams.

The decision may come as a surprise to the public, but it was expected from the Florida team. The 37-year-old is finally eligible for a three-season, 26 million deal. This new bond will ensure the expansion of his NBA career, as a result. It is expected that after a good performance in the playoffs, they will prefer to stay in the hat.

The Bulls once again explored the scene of the exchange with Kobe White.

Days Kobe White As a Chicago Bulls player, in short, he is being counted. Again, by the way. According to Sean Dewey of the website heavyThe team plans to step up efforts to replace the point guard in the coming weeks. It had already been made available for negotiation. Trade deadline the last

It is speculated that Illinois officials may be offering, for example, the 18th pick in the draft for athletes and recent exchanges. The goal, first of all, is to bring proven support. They are also considering entering the recruitment lottery. White averaged 12.7 points, 3.0 rebounds and 2.9 assists for the season.

Dissatisfied, KJ wants to trade through Martin Rockets.

Another player who is leaving the franchise from which he started his NBA career is KJ Martin. But the motives in this case are very different from White’s. The idea, first of all, came from the player himself. From the website, according to Kelly Iko AthleticThe young winger approached Houston Rockets executives to trade.

The 21-year-old Reserve believes that, above all, the arrival of The third choice Of Draft And other newcomers will reduce their court time. He also knows that, in the meantime, Texans have already been approached several times by those interested in acquiring them. There is a good chance that trade will close on the day of recruitment.

Raptors VanVleet will begin discussions to expand the preview.

The Toronto Raptors administration does not intend to allow this Fred Van Wallett Don’t even come close to checking the market. So the Canadians are ready to start negotiations for a new agreement with the ship’s owner. According to the portal’s Michael Scotto HoopsHypeThe star’s initial expansion is one of the team’s top priorities in the off-season.

The 28-year-old will initially qualify for the $ 89 million expansion over three seasons. The agreement will take effect in June 2024. However, the holder can also terminate the سالہ 114 million four-year contract. For this, first of all, the “short man” has to deny the provision of automatic extension in his existing contract for 2023-24.

Interest in expansion, that is to say, mutual interest. “I would love to spend the rest of my career in Toronto because this is a great wedding. So I’m sure we’re going to fix everything,” Van Vallett said in a recent interview.

In transition

Tomas Sethuransky After six seasons, Europe is ready to return. The Czech guard signed a contract with Barcelona and, thus, returned to the club where he had played before playing in the NBA.

– On the other hand, those who should not be left where they are. Jeff Green. The veteran winger used an automatic expansion option for next season with Denver Nuggets with a salary of $ 4.5 million.

– Guard Wing Tyrek Evans Definitely applies to plans to return to the NBA. He will be training for the Dallas Mavericks in the coming days after performing for the Golden State Warriors and the Brooklyn Nets.

– And finally, Mike James North America is also eyeing a return to basketball. According to the website Net dailyThe Monaco (France) point guard explored the possibility of a return to the net in the second half.

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