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Available are Eric Gordon’s Sons and Sixers polls.

It’s no secret that this is the end of the world Eric Gordon That should change Off season. The Houston Rockets, after all, have already stepped up their efforts to negotiate with the experienced scorer. And two teams emerge, for now, as favorites to get it soon. According to Brian Windhorst ESPNPhoenix Suns and Philadelphia 76ers have strong interest in the player.

The issue of moving the talks forward, first of all, is the request of the Rockets. As with you Christian WoodThe Texan team needs a package with a first round pick. Draft To create protectors. The need is greater, because he is a more experienced player. Gordon scored 13.4 points last season, hitting 41.2% of his three-point effort.

The fast bowlers turned down Hornets’ offer for Miles Turner.

Miles Turner Definitely one of the safest player bets that will be traded. Off season. But for now, the deal doesn’t look like it’s going to happen with the Charlotte Hornets. According to the website Aiwan-e-Mesi NBA AnalysisIndiana Pacers executives reportedly rejected the center’s proposal, which included Gordon Hayward and the 15th pick. Draft.

By the way, there would be a double stimulus for Hornets. The space in the Turner axis position will be the team’s answer. “Dispatch” Hayward, moreover, creates space on the payroll to extend the contract. Mile bridge. The Turner market is also of interest to many teams.

Batum abides by the terms of the agreement and will be a free agent.

Nicholas Bottom is ready to test the market in the coming weeks. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, from ESPNLos Angeles Clippers Forward rejects an automatic extension clause and, as a result, will be a free agent. That leaves him with a guaranteed salary of $ 3.3 million next season.

But, in fact, many analysts believe that French is not changing. It is widely expected that the experienced Angelino will immediately renew in a more rewarding link with the team. From the website, Michael Scotto HoopsHypeIt turned out that the new contract could reach annual salaries of up to US $ 10 million.

Fighters could spend up to 100 million to maintain the pool.

Keeping the champion squad together, above all, Expensive In the NBA. This Golden State Warriors He is going to feel it (again). Off season. Of the many free agents on the roster, none are likely to be more expensive. Jordan Pool. According to Connor Letourneau of the newspaper San Francisco ChronicleIt is expected to receive a چار 100 million contract for four seasons.

The bond was expected to be less expensive by the time the playoffs began, but the Warriors’ success boosted values. Not even the “suspicious” performance of the guard in the final, for example, could not shake the moment of his praise. The تن 25 million annual salary, after all, indicates that the player will not be better paid in the market than the more contracted stars.

Poole started in 51 of 76 games last season, recording 18.5 points, 3.4 rebounds and 4.0 assists per night.

In transition

– Guard Wing Soyatoslav Mikhailovich Another season in the NBA is sure. It activated the automatic extension clause in its contract with the Toronto Raptors, and will receive $ 1.9 million by June 2023.

– Sixers, meanwhile, are already preparing to use the stretching option. Shake Milton.. The franchise plans to have a point guard, with a ضمانت 2 million salary guaranteed for next season.

Corey JosephLike Mikhailovich, he quickly confirmed expectations and activated the term automatic extension in his current contract. He will pocket $ 5.1 million to continue with the Detroit Pistons.

– And finally, do you remember? El Thornton? The former Clippers player seems to have found himself in Argentine basketball. After all, he has a one-off contract to stay another season at the Parol de Mar del Plata.

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