NBA Rumors Bulletin (6/23/2022)

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Pete Canton activates the clause and stays with the box.

One of Milwaukee’s most important reserves will remain with the team until the second season. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, from ESPNPat Connaughton used an automatic extension clause in his contract and will remain in Wisconsin until June 2023. The option, as a result, also triggers a guaranteed salary of $ 5.7 million for the upcoming campaign.

The news was relatively surprising as the player could earn more annually as a free agent. This may indicate that negotiations on a new agreement are part of both sides’ plans. Website analyst John Holinger AthleticPointed out that Connaught has been eligible for an extension of up to $ 50 million for four years.

Angry with the Kings, DiVincenzo became a target for rivals.

Donut de Vincenzo He didn’t even reach the Sacramento Kings, but he seems to want a change of scenery already. According to James Hamm, ESPN RadioThe point guard will be unhappy with the franchise for playing less than expected. He started in just one of the new team’s 25 games, playing less than 27 minutes a night.

Also, it’s time to talk about “friendly exits.” The defense specialist will be a limited free agent and so he can still get one. Signature and trade For Sacramento leaders. Ham learned that DiVincenzo is interested in more than one franchise as a “realistic target”, with a contract worth $ 9 million a year.

Nuggets will be one of those interested in the Vaseline Mike.

Looks like it’s finally time for us to see. Vaseline Mike In the NBA. But the trend is that their rights are exchanged with the Oklahoma City Thunder, a more competitive team. An interested party, by the way, is in Colorado. From the website, according to Jack Fisher Bleacher ReportDenver Nuggets want Serbian.

The main impetus for the team’s interest in the point guard is star Nicola Jokic, as both are teammates and best friends. It is widely speculated that Monte Morris may be traded in the coming days. Teams like the San Antonio Spurs and the Chicago Bulls will also be interested in the mic.

Following the Jeremy Grant, Blazer seeks to trade for Innobi.

The Portland Trail Blazer made a big trade on Wednesday with the acquisition Jeremy Grant. However, anyone who thinks the franchise has stopped “searching for veterans” at the Detroit Pistons Forward is wrong. Not only is he active, but his eyes are fixed on the Toronto Raptors. According to Chris Haynes of the portal Yahoo! the gameThe team is now trying to negotiate a trade. O. G. Anonobi.

The Oregon team, however, has the best assets to make the business work. Seventh choice Of Draft Of this night. However, it is likely that you will need to add more assets to get the winger. The Raptors will not be interested in his trade, but rumors suggest that there is a certain level of dissatisfaction on the part of the young player in the team.

Anonobi played in 48 Raptors season games and, as a result, recorded 17.1 points, 5.5 rebounds, and 2.6 assists. All of these brands, by the way, are the biggest of his career.

In transition

– Axis Dan Wade The Cleveland Cavaliers are guaranteed to be part of the roster for another season. The franchise used the 1. 1.9 million extension clause in the agreement and will therefore maintain it until June 2023.

– A year has passed, but Goran Drejk Dallas lives in the eyes of the Mavericks. The Texans are interested in a veteran point guard to eventually develop a partnership between the veteran and Luka Donic in the NBA.

Darren Collison And Derek Williams There were two participants in the collective free agent training session at the Los Angeles Lakers. The team has flexibility in the minimum wage, so they look for creative options in the market.

– And finally, Derek Favrez Thunder is officially insured for another year. The center confirmed expectations and used the current $ 10.2 million clause in its contract for next season.

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