NFT buyers receive collector’s items from Exu da Grande Rio.

Fabrício Villa Flor de Carvalho, a fan of the Grande Rio Samba school, had an unforgettable day at Cidade do Samba. Buyers of the legendary NFT (Non-Fungible Token) created by IDG – a platform for the development and commercialization of NFTs – in partnership with the association, Karioka was also entitled to the digital product and memorandum, an original in this case. A piece from the 2022 Samba School Parade: An original flag used on one of the floats. As a bonus, he also won a meeting with Demerson de Alvaro, an actor who demonstrated the plot’s orixá theme at the Carnival Champion School Parade in Rio de Janeiro.

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The “Legendary” category NFT was sold for US $ 1,000, approximately R $ 5,000. Memoirs and experiences associated with digital collectibles served as a way to add even more value to tokens.

According to a report by Deep Radar, in the first quarter of 2022, the non-fungible token market shipped to approximately ین 12 billion, and the growth in aspects of Brazilian culture is becoming increasingly evident.

Grande Rio followed the evolution of the market and launched an unparalleled collection of accumulated cards in partnership with IDG, a company that already has a portfolio of NFTs aimed at sports and entertainment fans. The universe is. This collection contains special cards that represent the unique moments of the 2022 Carnival winner’s parade at the Rio de Janeiro Special Group.

Carvalho, 47, describes the buying process and describes the moment he received the piece: “I was already looking at the market for digital assets and I understood that The front will be very impressive about the commission, the way the actor was presented for the parade was all given and it was a great coincidence, I commented with a friend about the digital assets and When I got home I went in search of something like that, and when I played in search of NFT Grande Rio it appeared. I saw that it was a unique thing and I didn’t think twice, I gave it Born. I was born and raised in the Duque de Caxias. I was born in 1974 and Grande Rev. 1988. My father was practically one of the founders of the school with the Soares family, so it’s a family affair. When I think of Samba School NFTs, I immediately think of Grande Revue, and when I catch my eye and see that being a unique and legendary subject, it’s a no-brainer. The bill was understandable.

The participation of the actor who paraded while imitating Exu in Grande Rio was amazing for the collector. “It’s an honor for me to be in the NFT, just as it is an honor to parade through the Grande Rio representing Exu and to win this unprecedented championship for the school. After the parade, the school Informed me of this NFT action, I did some more research on the subject. I can say that I am still a child in this matter, but I am getting more and more information “, Demerson D. Emphasize Alvaro.

For Sylmara Multini, IDG CEO who was also present at the meeting, the purchase of this digital collectible is an important step towards consolidating NFT culture in Brazil: “We know this market is booming, especially in Brazil. And the creation of NFTs covering diverse cultural backgrounds opens the door to the stability of this sector. We strive to diversify the culture of NFTs as much as possible and remembering this moment forever in the Greater Rev. is a great milestone. The NFT market is global, people are moving away from buying physical items and digital goods, and the collection industry is moving in that direction. “

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