NFT Virtual Clinic Promises Consultation With Famous Doctors, But It Is Illegal – Tecnoblog

NFT Virtual Clinic Promises Consultation With Famous Doctors, But It Is Illegal – Tecnoblog

Isn’t it weird that NFTs produce so many weird things? Here we have another for you: He created one. Designed for Virtual Clinic Metavers, Where you buy non-fungible tokens on social networks to get the right to seek practical advice from famous doctors. More interestingly, a project called MetaDocs is not legally capable of ordering exams, writing prescriptions, making diagnoses, or making simple medical recommendations.

MetaDocs Dr. Avatar's NFTs (Photo: Reproduction)
MetaDocs Dr. Avatar’s NFTs (Photo: Reproduction)

The information was initially published. BuzzFeed News. Metavers Clinic is based on NFTs. Doctors like 3D dolls made in pictures of famous doctors on Tik Tak and Instagram. Pimple Popper (Dermatologist Sandra Lee).

By purchasing one of these non-fungible tokens, Users will be entitled to one-on-one video chats, question and answer sessions or DMs with celebrities. Of social networks. Ideally, you would be buying an appointment with the medical professional in question, but this is not the case.

While MetaDocs aims to eliminate the “bureaucracy” that comes with access to doctors, Virtual clinics are not legally entitled to medical advice. To NFT holders. Like BuzzFeed The project does not have the required license to practice telemedicine in the United States, he said.

That is, as many partner doctors really have their credentials, Queries made via video calls or messages on social networks are incorrect.. It prevents doctors from diagnosing, prescribing, prescribing treatment, ordering tests and even giving the simplest medical advice on the Internet.

“At the moment, we are reluctant to refer to anyone as a patient,” the doctor said. In a statement sent to Dustin Portella, MetaDocs physician and dermatologist BuzzFeed. Therefore, at least nine professionals who participated in the Metavers Clinic project have already left the boat.

NFTs can cost more than a real consultation.

Co-doctor on the MetaDocs website (Photo: Reproduction)
Co-doctor on the MetaDocs website (Photo: Reproduction)

Checking the prices of NFTs makes the matter even more bizarre. While MetaDocs has not set a fixed price for them, the average token price suggested in the White Paper mentions a price of 0.2 ether (ETH). This would be equivalent to US 560 or R $ 2,800. By the quotations checked at the time of publication of this article.

This is also worth considering. This amount is probably more expensive than what you would pay for a private consultation. Real With mostly American sponsored doctors. However, the founder of MetaDocs, Dr. Sina Jorabchi said BuzzFeed That the cost of NFTs is not linked to healthcare.

“What we offer connects people to the doctors they want to pay for talking to or contacting the doctors,” Jorbachi said. However, his statement seems to be quite detached from the ideal of the project, that is. Create a virtual clinic for remote medical care in Metavers.

That said, MetaDocs still hopes to revolutionize healthcare in the near future, and that includes examining patients, for example, in virtual reality. This may sound far-fetched, but not for the extraordinary project creators.

With information: BuzzFeed News

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