NFTs that could make Neymar owners ‘partners’ – Corrupt Currencies – Estadão E-Investidor – Financial Market Top Stories

NFTs that could make Neymar owners ‘partners’ – Corrupt Currencies – Estadão E-Investidor – Financial Market Top Stories

  • Soccer player Neymar bought NFT 55 ETH (Ether cryptocurrency) from the Mutant Ape Yacht Club collection, worth about R $ 790,000.
  • These cryptocurrencies go beyond the suggestion of collecting objects: a series of benefits to their holders.
  • For example, users who have ‘Ape’ can access special parties and events that are promoted by the data creation company.

Soccer player Neymar bought the NFT 55 ETH (Ether cryptocurrency) from the Mutant Ape Yacht Club collection on Tuesday (19), which is approximately R $ 790,000. The non-fungible token, the name given to the unique and irreplaceable digital assets created by blockchain technology, is a picture of a ‘mutant monkey’.

Mutant monkey. Photo: Open Sea Reproduction

The PSG athlete already owns two other ‘digital monkey’ NFTs belonging to the board app yacht club (BAYC) collection, from which the mutant ape was derived. Both images were acquired by the player earlier this year and cost about ً 6 million. These cryptocurrencies go beyond the suggestion of collecting objects: a series of benefits to their holders.

Board apps by Neymar. Photo: Open Sea Reproduction

For example, users who have ‘Ape’ can access the special parties and events that the company has created data for – Yuga Labs. The investor appears to be part of a VIP community that includes Serena Williams, Madonna, Eminem and Snoop Dogg as well as Neymar himself.

“There’s a special reason for this NFT. With it you’ll be part of a community that gives you access to cool stuff made by a company that makes board apps. Carlos Eduardo, head of research at the crypto asset hashtag. Gomez says the idea is one of “relationship.” Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

The price to pay for a digital monkey is quite high. In Mutant Ape, there are 20,000 items in the collection and the cheapest NFT costs 0.004 ETH (R $ 57). The board app has 10,000 items and the cheapest asset can be purchased for 120 ETH (R $ 1.7 million). Data belongs to OpenC, a non-flammable token trading platform.

Andre Nussi, founder of CFA and Nousi Finance, explains that giving benefits to community members is also a way to attract demand for these corrupt assets. For example, old buyers of ‘Bored Apes’ have won tokens from the new ‘Mutant Apes’ collection.

“It simply came to our notice then. “And they didn’t stop there: a cryptocurrency called ApeCoin was created, which would be the cryptocurrency used in their metavers. And a good chunk of these coins were given to board app and mutant app NFT investors.

This is the view of Tasso Lago, a private cryptocurrency fund manager and founder of Financial Move. “It’s a closed community that will have special meetings. It’s a high-ticket community, so it’s very valuable. They also have a cryptocurrency and they’re building their own metavers,” he says. ۔

ApeCoin (APE) was launched on March 16 this year and has already grown by 1,513%, according to Coinbase data. APE went from R $ 5 to R $ 75.

The most sought after digital art collection

There are many types of NFT collections and the Board Epic Club is the most valuable. That is, the minimum price to be paid for being part of a ‘club’ is the highest.

However, in terms of trading volume, BAYC lost to the ‘CryptoPunks’ collection, made of pixelated crypto art, which is one of the oldest non-fungible token sets ever issued.

CryptoPunk # 9818. Photo: OpenC

According to data from the CryptoSlam platform compiled by Hashdex, the total trading volume of CryptoPunks is 2.1 billion. Within the collection, the cheapest NFT costs 62.5 ETH (R $ 880,000). Board apps, on the other hand, have a trading volume well below 1. 1.8 billion.

CryptoPunks were the first to succeed in this NFT world. Having one of these in your profile picture shows that you are a committed person to the subject of crypto, who discovered it much earlier than others. This social component is relevant, “says Gomez from Hashdax.

Pixelated data can be used as an avatar on social networks such as Twitter. The platform has a system that allows you to verify the authenticity of NFT and display it on your page. Anyone who has crypto punk as a profile picture, their image format changes from a traditional ‘circle’ to a hexagon.

Games and virtual trains

In the gaming industry, investors’ favorite NFT collection is Axie, with a trading volume of over $ 4 billion. Within this universe, there are over 200,000 items within the Axie Infinity game, including avatars and territories.

“To start playing Axie, you’ll need to assemble your pet team that will play for you. This is the mechanics of the game,” says Gomez from Hash Dex. “To fight these pets, you need to buy them. And once you buy them, start fighting and getting ready in the game, your pets become stronger (and more expensive). And if you want, you can sell that virtual asset to someone else.

This means you can make money playing Axie Infinity. “Consumers play and, as they get ready and collect tokens, they make money in the form of cryptocurrencies. There was a lot of damage during that time, “says Nosi.

XE No. 132605. Photo: OpenC

When it comes to virtual land NFTs within blockchain-based meteors, Decentraland is ahead, with a trading volume of $ 1 billion. In this virtual world, consumers can buy and sell properties using MANA cryptocurrency. There are over 90,000 items in this collection and the cheapest token price on trading platforms is 2.7 ETH (BRL 38,000).

“NFTs are unique assets that guarantee digital ownership. If you want to build a store within Decentraland, you will need network currency to communicate with it,” said the head of relations at Hashdex. Says Precyla Eller de Menezes.

The founders of Nousi, CFA and Nousi Finance explain that this meteor has a limited amount of ‘lands’ within a map. In this parallel world, people or companies acquire and produce land. “In the case of De Santra Land, there is a casino inside where users can go and place a bet. There is an efficient use of this land, so a value has been set for it,” he says.

The second collection of virtual land NFTs is The Sandbox, with a trading volume of $ 662 million. The cheapest item out of 109 thousand available is priced at 1.8 ETH (R $ 24.9 thousand). “Snoop Dogg is an area in this virtual world,” says Financial Move.


Non-fungal tokens are a risky investment. This is a new market, still immature, so it is subject to considerable fluctuations. “They are very liquid. There is no market that can determine the price of NFT, as with bitcoin, for example. It happens with art, “says Nosy.

According to Hashdex’s Menezes, one of the safest ways to expose the NFT ecosystem and Metavers is to invest in a basket of assets. The manager has an ETF (Index Fund) that seeks to mimic the movement of digital assets, called HASH11.

The Index Fund trades on B3 and displays Ethereum, which is used to register NFTs collecting central platforms. Thus, it is possible to capture some of the token extension. “We think the best way to showcase the ecosystem (NFTs) is to put a basket where you will have an exhibition of important projects,” says Eller.

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