Nike will not extend shoe deal with Kerry Irving.

Nike will not extend shoe deal with Kerry Irving.

One of Nike’s most famous and lucrative basketball shoes has long been signed by Carrie Irving. However, uncertainty about its future in the NBA has left the company cautious about extending its contract with the Brooklyn Netstar, in a similar deal after the 2022-23 season, when the current relationship ended. happens.

Thus, the new model Nike Carey Released in mid-September. However, according to Adrian Wojnaroski and Ramona Shelburne ESPNThe trend is that this will be the last edition of the partnership between the company and the player, which has been going on since 2014. Internal, Sportswear maker chooses to apply “warm rags” to the theme. “We do not comment on contracts, rumors or speculation. Kerry remains a Nike athlete,” Nike said in a statement.

So the end of Irving’s signature shoe may be nearing its end. However, given the star’s popularity, it is likely that the company will offer another partnership in his name. On the other hand, as the future talks between Nike and Irving have recently begun, it is clear that this partnership will change direction.

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One of the factors that could cause the manufacturer to extinguish Irving’s signed tennis is the ongoing controversy that players are taking out of court. The most recent, of course, has to do with the denial of the corona virus vaccine. Aside from the athlete’s position on the subject, the fact that he played so little for the Nets in 2021-22 is weighty, due to his personal preference.

Similarly, in July 2021, Irving criticized the design of the issue. Nike Carry 8 On your social networks. At the time, therefore, the star, in addition to reinforcing her dislike, called the product “garbage.” “I have nothing to do with it. Design And Marketing. Nike intends to release it without my consent. A few days later, however, the player tried to soften the criticism, but it certainly caused a stir in the company.

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