Nine deaths were recorded in Baha’i in 24 hours, and nearly 2,000 new cases of Covid 19; Check out more data about the disease in the state. بہیا

In the last 24 hours, nine deaths have been recorded in Bahia, 19 victims of CoVid, and 1,991 new active cases, according to a bulletin published this Wednesday (22) by the State Department of Health (SISAB).

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According to the agency, the rate of new cases is equivalent to an increase of 0.13% over the previous bulletin, which was released on Tuesday (21), and 1,051 people were considered recovered in the last 24 hours.

Since the onset of the epidemic, the disease has caused 30,009 deaths in Bahia, with 1,562,997 confirmed cases. There are currently 5,248 activists across the state.

This Wednesday’s bulletin also records that 1,903,816 cases have been rejected and 340,175 are under investigation.

These figures represent official information compiled by the Board of Epidemiological Surveillance in Health of Bahia (Divep-BA) with municipal surveillance and the Ministry of Health’s database as of 5 pm on Wednesday.

Due to the instability of the Ministry of Health system, the data may still change. The ministerial base has sometimes provided conflicting or incomplete information.

Details of the epidemiological bulletin can be checked on the Internet at the platform provided by Sisab or through the agency’s Integrated Health Command and Control Center.

So far we have vaccinated 11,612,846 people with the first dose, 10,676,806 with the second dose or single dose, 6,209,831 with the booster dose and 561,256 with the second booster.

Of the people aged 5 to 11, 965,202 children have already been vaccinated with the first dose and 543,249 have received the second dose.

Nine deaths recorded in 24 hours in Bahia and nearly 2,000 new cases of Covid 19 – Photo: Matthews Pereira / Government of Bahia

Bahia has 456 functional beds for the treatment of COD-19. Out of this total, 113 patients are hospitalized, indicating a general occupancy rate of 25%.

Of these beds, 190 have adult ICU beds at a rate of 29% (55 beds have been occupied).

In pediatric ICUs, 18 of the 23 positions are held by patients (78% occupancy). The number of clinical beds for adults is 13% and for children 33%.

In El Salvador, out of 195 active beds, 63 occupy (32% general occupancy). Adult ICU bed occupancy rate is 39% and pediatric ICU is 90%.

In the capital of Bahia, medical beds for adults are still at 26% and children’s beds at 0%.

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