Notable in the U-17s, Andre is the fruit of his parents’ faith and hope for Vasco’s goal against Palmyra. Vasco

The 16-year-old is one of the key names in Andre Vasco’s Under-17 squad, which will begin deciding the Copa du Brazil title in the first round of the category against Palmyra this Tuesday. The striker has scored seven goals this year, two of them in the semi-final against Bahia two weeks ago. In June, he signed his first professional contract, valid until May 2025.

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The story in Vasco began in 2017, but what parents usually remember when watching their son rise to prominence at the club base was in 2001, four years before Andre was born. He did not fail to come into the world for a very short time. It was the result of the great confidence of Andre Seu Ricardo and Dona Vailde before Vasco became a goal-scorer in the U-17s.

Vasco and Palmyra are playing the first leg of the Copa du Brazil sub-17 final this Tuesday, at 21:30 (Brazil time), in Allianz Park. Sport TV will broadcast the match. The return will be in São Januário, next Sunday.

Andre, Vasco’s U-17 striker celebrates a goal against Bahia – Photo: Mathis Lima / CRVG

In 2001, master builders Ricardo Robson Delco and Pedagog Weld Gomes da Silva were expecting a baby. I must be born. July 18 This year, a date was set for the boy’s caesarean section to be called Miguel. “Everything was fine until then, everything was fine, my heart was pounding …”, Ricardo recalls.

The father of three other children, the couple saved money for several months to have the tube fitted, a surgery that connects the fallopian tubes and prevents a woman from becoming pregnant. She was convinced that after Miguel, she would not want to have any more children. However, on the day the birth was scheduled, she received word from the hospital that her unborn child was no longer alive.

– My wife was going to have an operation, we already had the money for her surgery. After that, we decided not to do any more work. We returned home and, as we believe in Christ, we chose to hand over the whole situation to God – Ricardo, the Father said.

“And that’s where Andre’s story begins,” he added.

After removing the baby from her womb, Weld, 33 at the time, heard from doctors that she was unlikely to become pregnant again. But four years later, in 2004, without any plans, she found out that she was going to be a mother again.

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And during prenatal care, with the pregnancy already progressing, the hospital scheduled a cesarean: July 18 Andre will be born on the same day that Miguel should have been born. Ricardo and Weld guarantee that they did not say anything to the doctor, as it was a happy coincidence.

– Actually, Andre should not be here if Miguel. But it was up to God to comfort our hearts with Andre’s presence in our lives – concluded the father of the Vasco striker.

Andre was born and raised in Sao Goncalo, a city in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro. He started playing football at the Soccer Performance School, where he was still young, the championship champion and top scorer who brought the surrounding teams together.

On this occasion, he received a medal at the City Council of Nitro and All. Father Ricardo is always proud to be by his side.

Vasco striker Andre wins medal at Nitro City Council with his father – Photo: Private Archive

Andre, who turns 17 in a month, arrives in Vasco with 11. He is part of a crop that the club should have good results in – right-hander Paulinho and midfielder Guilhermi Estrella are other prominent names in the category. Until last year he played with Andre, a midfielder who is now a reality in the professional team.

– (Andre) An Encouragement, Yes. I had the opportunity to play with him last year, I saw that he worked hard for it. I’m sure, at the right time, it will happen to me too – the striker told GE.

Concerning the goals that sealed Bahia in the semi-finals, Andre summed up:

“It’s an incredible feeling. It’s incredible to score in the semi-finals of the national competition, even more so in São Januário, with the family. will give”.

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