Now you can buy clothes on Metaverse and wear them on Insta and Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg, former CEO of Meta Inc. or Facebook, has announced the launch of a designer digital clothing store that will allow consumers to purchase clothing items for their avatars in their Metavars, called the Meta Avatars Store. Is. Zuckerberg made the announcement on Instagram Live with Instagram Partnership VP Eva Chen. The company believes that a variety of clothing and accessories will become an important part of consumer identity expression and could lead them to spend money on digital clothing that can be used on meta apps with Facebook and Instagram. ۔

The purpose of the digital clothing store:

The new online store is coming to Facebook, Instagram and Messenger and will allow users to purchase digital clothing for their avatars. With the rise of Metavers, an alternative to our world, the digital perspective, companies have begun to incorporate industries such as apparel to take advantage of the benefits that may arise from consumer expression needs. Zuckerberg said Meta Store intends to be an open marketplace where manufacturers can make and sell clothes.

The Meta Avatars Store will launch in the United States, Canada, Thailand and Mexico. The company plans to introduce new brands in the store soon. Digital goods will be an important way to express yourself in Metavers and a major impetus for the creative economy. Currently, the value of digital clothing remains to be revealed. However, free organizations will be available for digital avatars.

These 3D avatars have already been released in many other countries and are now being made available in India. Despite the inclusion of big names, Meta has not created any hype around the new project. Also, it did not provide details about the release timeline. The company now allows users to bring the same avatar across all meta platforms, including VR.

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