Nunn decides her future with the Lakers. What comes next?


The most interesting signing the Lakers made last season was Kendrick Nunn. The former Miami hat-trick guard averaged 15.0 points per game in his first two years and was a key player there. Unfortunately, he turned out to be the team’s most disappointing signer.

Shortly before the start of the season, Nunn suffered a bone injury in his right knee, which left him behind for the rest of the year. Bone lesions usually do not last long and it was speculated that he may return during the season. However, he never entered the court.

Nunn had the option of a player for next season who would pay him $ 5.2 million. Considering that he lost the whole of last season, the Point Guard knew his market was not going to be good and he decided to stay in Los Angeles.

Nunn’s choice came as no surprise. He said it was a post-season plan.

Will Nun really play for the Lakers?

Nunn is set to join the Lakers for next season, but no one can stop the team from trading it.

However, it is difficult to imagine that the Lakers would find anything interesting in it now. It’s one thing for a player to get injured at the end of the season, it’s another thing to sideline a player for the whole year due to injury. This is definitely a situation that could frighten other teams.

Can Nunn still help the Lakers?

Nunn is a good player. As mentioned earlier, he averaged 15.0 points per game during his career and scored 38.1% of his three last season. For a point guard, he is not a great passer as he averages only 3.0 assists in his career, but the Lakers hoped he could be a permanent attacking option.

Nunn is a solid defender and is only 26 years old. The Lakers need two things: defense and youth. If he had stayed healthy last season, he could have been one of the most important players in the team.

Nunn has every reason to wait for a better season as he will become a free agent in a year, so it may be too early to give up.

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