Nvidia builds free Metavers platform with ‘Earth 2’ project

Metavers, a digital universe, similar to the real universe, where we can exist through incarnations, how long will it take to reach us? Maybe it’s closer than we think.

Bow down Talked to Richard Carris, Vice President of Omniverse Project, a platform that enables real-time 3D simulation and collaboration with Nvidia. Created as the foundation that connects the hitherto independent virtual worlds, it is one of the key tools in opening this profound chapter of the Internet.

“Some people think that Metavers relies on headsets, special mirrors, augmented reality devices. But if you really look at it, it’s just the next generation of web networks. The natural development of the Internet,” says Caris.

“Today, our conversations take place in a 2D version of the web. There are some 3D things you can do, some fun places, but it’s not as unified as ‘regular’ Internet sites. , Open a video on any device or browser, and it will be permanent. “

An HTML support network is one that ensures consistency in Internet experiences. Now, something like this is being developed to connect deeper environments and allow the existence of so-called meteors without borders.

“We believe that the USD [Universal Scene Description] Will be 3D html. It’s a ‘pipeline’ connecting the virtual worlds, “says Caris. On NVIDIA RTX technology – uses ray tracing and artificial intelligence for instant image capture.

Omniverse is free for individual users and can be downloaded from here. See some of what the platform can do:

Metaurs time and turn

However, Metaverse is a topic that still polarizes opinion. For tech enthusiasts, its presence is already evident, with major market players turning in that direction. But for the average listener, it still sounds a bit ridiculous, especially for science fiction – or those who have the money (and patience) to use headsets that Caris says aren’t necessary.

The executive understands this hesitation and gives a practical example. It took more than ten years for the Internet to become really easy and accessible to people through devices and devices Browser. The same thing applies with meteors. “There will be a natural breakthrough,” he says.

O “FastThe current is linked to the widespread development of artificial intelligence, 5G connections and. GPUs Powerful “This is one of the best moments in history that will help shape the vision of this new network, or the metavors of reality.” Caris.

Compatibility between Software And design, modeling, and coding languages. 3D Is also important. “Oh The whole universe Uses tools there that people are already familiar with to create and share these worlds. On the platform, they get additional benefits, e.g. Rendering Collaborate with others in real time and around the world. “

So will we inevitably have the opportunity to live forever in a virtual world? Slowly with the expectation: “You will be present, yes, in these virtual worlds, but in more practical experiences connected to the physical world,” Caris thinks.

“We will leave the ‘uploading’ of science fiction writers’ consciences, because these are very difficult concepts and ideas,” he jokes.

Richard Carris spoke to Tilt from his office in California (USA)

Photo: Production

Second land

So what is Metavers anyway? Professionals from all walks of life are already beginning to explore how to use the virtual world of Omniverse.

“Many companies are activating their ‘digital twins’ [gêmeo digital; uma cópia exata de um local]Whether it’s a residential building, a wind power plant, a smart warehouse for Amazon and PepsiCo, or a 2.0 factory of the future for large industries like BMW and Ericsson. “

This virtual environment works like a test tube, where small and large changes in production flow can be detected, avoiding more serious consequences if some mistakes are made in real life.

What if these errors were, for example, the overuse of fossil fuels and the degradation of nature to affect the ecosystem of an entire planet?

This is what Nvidia intends to discover with its most ambitious “digital twin” project: Earth 2 (“Earth 2”). The company will use a supercomputer dedicated to studying climate change to create a “virtual clone” of our planet.

“It will be a kind of time machine. We will be able to look back and learn, and we will be able to project and understand for the future.” Caris. It is expected that better mitigation and adaptation strategies will be developed over the decades in different regions of the world.

The company has another project that combines multiverses and environments. In partnership with Lockhead Martin, your goal is to help fight wildfires in the United States. From historical, geographical (area, altitude, slope) and seasonal (wind, humidity) data, he manages to recreate the affected environment, where it will be possible to predict the evolution of fire.

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