OKex Live experts say that Metaverse is not just Axie Infinity and will be bigger than Bitcoin, will rediscover the Internet and society.

Metaverse, a term that is gaining more and more attention and is gaining traction in the cryptocurrency market due to games like Axie Infinity and Descentraland, promises to be much bigger than Bitcoin (BTC). ۔ The cryptocurrency market and It can redefine society in such a way that it will create a transhuman, with no way to separate the physical from the virtual life.

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the social network plans to become a meteor. In which Facebook will create a collection of interconnected and comprehensive science fiction experiments. Zuckerberg said Metavers will make the Internet and cell phones a success.

“You can think of metaverse as an Internet where you can not only view all kinds of content, but also be a part of it. You can easily communicate with other people like You’re somewhere else. You can have a variety of experiences that are hard to get through two-dimensional apps or web pages. It involves different ways of dancing or physical conditioning, “he said.

Recently, in order to encourage discussion on this topic in Brazil, OKEx invited Eduardo Horvarth and Byron Mendes to an open chat via Instagram. @okexbrasil_

Eduardo Horvath is the CDO at GetNinja, a consultant to Toyo, the founder of Spirit4 and has been in the crypto market since 2013. He came to know about blockchain as cyber punk. Privacy was a key factor in getting excited about technology.

More openly about the corrupt market, Eduardo believes we are in a moment of maturity, and As a good UX designer, he sees it very prominently in the evolution of the interface.


Byron Mendis, in turn, has been in the crypto market since 2016. However, the biggest moment of work and investment in cryptocurrencies came in 2020, when NFTs began to gain a strong foothold abroad.

Working at the crossroads of art and technology since 2015, Byron sees the tokenization of the arts as the height of the corrupt world. In 2021, he founded Metaverse Agency, the first crypto art agency in Brazil.

Initially, Byron made some highlights about what to expect from Metavers, NFTs, and the crypto world as a whole. “Time cares what is relevant and what is opportunistic,” he said. Using blockchain as a great parameter, the Arts Agent believes that technology could be a bigger revolution than the Internet.

“Decentralization is a new step in the evolution of human society,” said Byron Mendes.

Although first designed in the 1980’s, Metavers is now becoming a reality for any participant due to technological advances.

Much has been said about the evolution of the idea of ​​governance. Eduardo even highlighted the importance of Axi Infinity for NFT games, especially through governance tokens.

“Today in the gaming universe, we can see a common economy that is interconnected, in which the player feels part of the game, not only passively but also actively participating,” said Eduardo Horowath. ۔

As an advisor to Toyo, an NFT game, Eduardo highlights one of the biggest challenges: valuing game tokens, which are usually unlimited. For this, Toyoo adopts an internal mechanism through which the user can exchange these tokens for other patterns, or parts of the avatar such as arm, leg, head, etc.

Creative art

Recently, Brazilian artist Monica Rezoli emerged on the NFTs market with her collection Fragments of an Infinity Field, which grossed R $ 28.4 million. Byron emphasized that NFTs bring programmers into the art market. In an area where a few years ago they did not have a place, today they are prominent.

Through the Spirit4 project, Horvath creates freehand generative art of NFT characters that can be used with any other NFT game. Characters contain power metadata, which is more traditional than RPG. Work can be followed through the official website by clicking here.

During the discussion, the concept of the club was highlighted as one of the great benefits of NFTs. Now, a token becomes a ticket to attend events, or even to attend a specific community. A great example of this is the land sold in De Santra Land, which seems to be the headquarters of the Byron Meteors Agency.

In conclusion, both interviewers highlighted the need for more study before investing in metavores or decentralized economies. As the market moves in cycles, it is important to wait for the right moment to enter, always be patient to take advantage of the best moments of the market.

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