On Tatum’s Night, the Celtics stopped the Giannis’ Bucks and the Tech Game 7 decisive  NBA

On Tatum’s Night, the Celtics stopped the Giannis’ Bucks and the Tech Game 7 decisive NBA

The Milwaukee Bucks had a golden opportunity to close the series against the Boston Celtics. After beating rivals away from home last Wednesday and starting 3-2, Giannis Antetokounmpo’s side needed a simple victory to resolve the clash at the Fiserv Forum this Friday. But Jason Tatum and company were no joke. Relying on their decisive performance from No. 0, the Celtics overlooked another good performance from Antetokounmpo and beat their opponents by 108 to 95.

Giannis Antetokounmpo could not escape losing money – Photo: Jeff Heinz – USA Today Sports

Victory forces Boston to decide on its domains. The seventh and final match between the teams will take place this Sunday at 16:30 (Brazil time). Whoever wins will face the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Decision.

With 46 points, Jayson Tatum was the scorer of the night. Giannis Antetokounmpo finished second with 44. Other key players this Friday were: Jillian Brown (22 points) and Marcus Smart (21) for the Celtics; And Jrue Holiday (17 points), for the box.

The game got off to a balanced start, but with a slight lead from the Celtics, who started 9-4. In three minutes, Marcus Smart hit a triple ball, making it 12 to 6. Seconds later, it was Tatum’s turn to hit three balls. For visitors. The box did not move, and at five o’clock, Antitocompo fell to 15-14. It didn’t take long for the return to come and it came to the holiday basket: 20-17. But Boston reacted in the next minutes, winning the fourth 28-26 thanks to three points from Tatum in the last second.

Celtics made a good comeback in the second quarter, jumping 38-30 in just two minutes. At four o’clock, Tatum attacked the paint and made it 40 to 30. At four o’clock, Antetokounmpo dropped to 42-37, reaching 21 points in the match. Shortly afterwards, Holiday inflamed the crowd, narrowing the gap to three – 42 – 39 -. Even under pressure, Boston remained strong, and at nine, White made it 45-39 in the triple. Milwaukee felt the blow and did not have the strength to react in the first half, partially losing 53-43.

Jason Tatem strives for basket, protected by Jrue Holiday – Photo: Stacey River / Getty Images

The third quarter began with a busy start, with the Celtics gaining momentum. In three minutes, Brown made it 63 to 48, forcing coach Mike Buden-Holzer to stop playing. Dante worked, and Bucks started a new reaction, so much so that at six, Ports fell to 68-56. As the Greek converted the free throw, the score went from 70 to 62. Boston did not move, and, at 10, Thesis scored 77 to 64. With 12 seconds left, Tatum hit a three-pointer, raising it to 83. 68. Giannis still had time to slow down and set the score at 83 to 70 at the end of the fourth.

Playing his best in the match, the Giants took control of the game early in the last quarter, when they reached 34 points, falling to 84-73. Six to 84. to 78. A minute later, the box fell to 85-81 on a triple from Antitocompo. But Boston had Jayson Tatum, who tried to hit three balls in a row to cool the opponent’s reaction. At seven, Brown went 98-87, which further complicated the situation in Milwaukee. Without the power to react, the Bucks could do nothing until the Celtics deserved a 108-95 victory.

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Game 1 (5/1) – Celtics 101 x 89 Rs
Game 2 (5/3) – Celtics 109 x 86 Rs
Game 3 (5/7) – Box 103 x 101 Celtics
Game 4 (5/9) – Box 108 x 116 Celtics
Game 5 (5/11) – Celtics 107 x 110 Rs
Game 6 (5/13) – Box 95 x 108 Celtics
Game 7 (15/05) – Celtics vs. Box, 16:30

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